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Law Enforcers or Peace Officers

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Reading Ludwig von Mises Institute President Jeff Deist's Monday article "All Crises are Local," I was struck by a mention that "some sheriffs too have stood bravely against impositions of soft martial law" in the name of countering coronav

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Engineer Reuben Brewer and SRI International, a nonprofit scientific research institute based in California, developed a police robot for traffic stops. This new robot is expected to act as a buffer between the officer and motorist during an encounte

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Police used a fake bomb threat to clear out a Florida spa and install cameras as part of a prostitution investigation before New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and others allegedly visited, according to a court filing made public Wednesday.

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New York is encouraging culture-specific security groups, and has allowed the Muslim Community Patrol to acquire cars that look nearly identical to police vehicles. The Muslim group is joining the Jewish enclave's Shomrim security force and the Bro

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by Edgar Walters and Jolie McCullough

Law enforcement leaders say civil asset forfeiture is a necessary tool for fighting crime, but several lawmakers see it as a violation of Americans' civil liberties. Texas legislators are poised to take up the issue once again in 2019.

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