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Police State

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And to keep the REAL pandemic going, we must have vaccine mandates and passports and crackdowns on the unvaccinated

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What does a virus, a Marxist movement, and bans on firearms have in common? Nothing, superficially. Delving deeper, they are tools of federal oppression.

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Early in the pandemic, I had been furiously writing articles about lockdowns. My phone rang with a call from a man named Dr. Rajeev Venkayya. He is the head of a vaccine company but introduced himself as former head of pandemic policy for the Gates F

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The unvaccinated in Canada are effectively on permanent lockdown, effectively forcing many into compliance and others into despair. According to Trudeau, however, prompt vaccination allows you "to get back to the things you love." ? TN Editor

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There are so many examples of depredations in American public life that it's impossible to keep up. Things happen daily now that would have caused national outrage a few years ago.