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Police State

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Megha Rajagopalan, Alison Killing, Christo Busche

A BuzzFeed News investigation based on thousands of satellite images reveals a vast, growing infrastructure for long-term detention and incarceration.

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With recent news and videos coming out, it looks like Australia is on the verge of martial law. Australian citizens have had their rights and privacy stripped away, 8pm curfews forced upon them, and are being brutalized by police for not wearing mask

News Link • Global Reported By James Miller
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Ron Paul Liberty Report

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is desperately begging rich people to return to the state and to New York City. He's killed off the old people by sending Covid patients into nursing homes and he's killed off the economy by shutting down, but he's offe

Article Image, by Benjamin James Bartee

Lest any observer refuse at this late date to acknowledge that the full weight of the police state is pressed on the American citizenry's neck, let the recent developments in Portland, Oregon settle the debate conclusively.

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