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'This is so un-American': Internet roasts Bill de Blasio after mayor urges New Yorkers to SNITCH on those not doing social distancing by snapping their photo and texting it to the city

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!!!! A COUP, ACCOMPLISHED !!!! The virus, and MSM, have been successfully used by Wall Street. Wall Street has usurped Congress' control of government spending while we slept. ************* OPEN LETTER TO CONGRESS Dear Congress Critte

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Oh, how those who have long dreamed of joining the ranks of a new konzentrationslagerwachen now strut and rub their hands with glee as they pull on their shiny knee-high boots and assume their new duties, ordering those of us in the massive new Ameri

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Excuse me, Dr. Fauci...Shall I get my measles immunity papers also? You mean I can't go to work or even get a job without having papers showing I have antibodies against each and every pathogenic disease or others can sue me if they believe I infe