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Police State

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Short of laws or regulations to control police departments, robotics will play a huge part of future enforcement. Spot the robot dog is seen as a viable replacement for police dots. Future weaponization is almost certain. ? TN Editor

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A New York County just passed a law that makes it an arrestable offense to "annoy" an armed government worker. In other words, one can be Hut! Hut! Hutted! in Monroe County, NY for hurting the feelings of an armed government worker.

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Technocracy.News - Patrick Wood

Several weeks ago it was reported that over 400 law enforcement agencies had partnered with Amazon's Ring Camera. Ring distributes a free app called the Neighbors App that Ring owners use to store video images in the cloud.

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Massive private DNA databases are being rapidly pried open by law enforcement and government. Technocrat handlers are incapable of keeping their hands off such a treasure trove of family trees. ? TN Editor

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George Reby was driving from New Jersey to Tennessee to pick up a car he had purchased on eBay when he was stopped for speeding. Like many Americans, George felt he had nothing to hide from the police. So when the officer asked him if he was carry

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Here's video of an Arizona armed government worker swaggering around with an AR-15 (finger poised over the trigger) for no apparent legitimate reason. He's also carrying two pistols, multiple mags and all the usual Tacticool kit, including body a

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In a direct attack on freedom of the press, the editor of the news site the Grayzone, Max Blumenthal, was arrested by police on October 25 on a fabricated charge related to events that took place at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington DC last May.

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Max Blumenthal, the investigative journalist of the world-famous counter-information site GrayZone was arrested last Friday in what he called "a politically motivated attempt to silence investigative journalism" by the DC Washington police.