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Transportation: Air Travel

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The Duxion eJet motor, an electric jet engine will enable electric aviation by using permanent magnet technology to deliver unprecedented power-to-weight ratios within a compact design.

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A year after it was pronounced airworthy by the FAA, and 14 years after it was first announced, the Samson Sky Switchblade is officially off the ground. This street-legal three-wheeler converts to a 200-mph (320-km/h) airplane at the touch of a butto

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Google co-founder Sergey Brin quietly founded LTA Research in 2015, and its massive Pathfinder 1 rigid airship prototype is preparing for its first outdoor flights, with a view to speeding up disaster response and starting zero-infrastructure cargo f

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Shares in Pratt & Whitney parent RTX hit a two-year low as it took a $3 billion charge and told airlines hundreds of their Airbus jets would be grounded at any one time in coming years to check for a rare manufacturing flaw