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More than 1,400 flights were canceled on the first two days of the holiday weekend as a total of 13 million people are expected to pass through airports

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New Atlas

Walk out into your back yard, jump into a next-generation electric VTOL flying machine, lift off and soar your way to the office helipad: that's the dream of personal eVTOL ownership, and Jetson co-founder Tomasz Patan has lived it, in a new video.

Article Image, By Nick Lavars

The world's largest flying aircraft has reached new heights, with Stratolaunch today completing the seventh test flight of its gigantic Roc carrier plane and logging a record altitude for the huge aircraft in the process.

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As the quest for less environmentally damaging aviation continues, one Spanish airline has thrown its hat into the ring by ordering new hybrid airships -- which pack as much of a punch visually as they are said to do environmentally.

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Activist Post - Keean Bexte

A report commissioned by the United Kingdom (UK) government says the entire country will need to ban most air travel within ten years and all air travel by 2050 to abide by impossibly lofty climate change laws.

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