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While airlines advocate for a digital health passport that can prove people's vaccination or negative test status to open up international travel again, an international airline trade group is saying COVID-19 vaccines should not be mandated.

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Germany's Lilium has announced a 7-seat version of its gorgeous eVTOL air taxi, as well as plans to have a commercial operation up and running by 2024. Oh, and like approximately every other eVTOL company, it's headed to the NASDAQ through a SPAC.

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The Federal Aviation Administration said it is reviewing some 450 cases of passengers behaving badly on airline flights and has opened 20 formal enforcement cases as flight attendants continue to grapple with people refusing to comply with orders to

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We've written plenty about hydrogen's potential as a transformative technology for green aviation; in gaseous form, hydrogen offers an energy density much higher than lithium batteries, and that offers a genuine path toward the decarbonization of sho

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Imagine a world where the ability to travel on a commercial airliner depends on passing a COVID-19 test or taking a vaccine. If a traveler tests positive or did not receive or refused to take the vaccine, they would be locked out of air travel.