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Big money has decided electric VTOL air taxis are happening, but in all the excitement around drone-style multirotors, perhaps a gap has been left open for an older, less glamorous, but well-proven type of design to sneak in and scoop the market. I'm

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Canada's Horizon Aircraft has popped up out of stealth mode with an interesting 5-seat hybrid eVTOL design using a wicked-cool split-wing mechanism to transition between VTOL and horizontal flight, and a totally unique path to market.

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In nothing less than a revolutionary step for aviation and which will forever alter the skies over America, on Thursday the Federal Aviation Administration for the first time issued approval for the first fully automated commercial drone flights.

Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech, By Loz Blain

UK company Autonomous Flight has been working on eVTOL concepts for some years now, with a full-scale airframe of its two-seat Y6S already built and small-scale prototypes already flight-tested and capable of transitioning from VTOL hover into horizo

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100% Fed Up reports, A video posted to Twitter on Friday has gone viral because it's so outrageous. Since when is chanting "USA!" offensive and worthy of being "dumped" off a plane? Ironically, an AMERICAN Airlines pilot threatened to "du