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Florida's Undefined Technologies claims it has managed to increase the thrust levels of ion propulsion systems to "unprecedented levels" with its "Air Tantrum" technology, enabling near-silent drones with no moving parts, that look like flying pallet

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In an announcement that drew immediate comparisons to "The Jetsons," the city of Orlando, Fla., and a German aviation company formally unveiled plans on Wednesday to build the first hub for flying cars in the United States.

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It's easy to forget that Kawasaki is much more than a motorcycle company. While its famously crazy motorcycles are certainly the most visible part of the brand outside Japan, Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a 124-year-old industrial colossus that brough

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United Airlines is getting ready to enact mandatory covid-19 testing for some of their airlines, to see how far they can push passengers into giving up their civil liberties. With this authoritarian move, the airline industry is participating in med

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But now, a new layer of "security," that could restrict freedom of movement even further, is being rolled out at several ports of entry in partnership with health technology industry leaders, academic institutions, and government health entities

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Boeing stock rebounded after the struggling aerospace giant reported sales, EPS and cash burn that were stronger than expected, and announced it was looking to fire another 7,000 workers while 4,000 would be lost through attrition as it now expects a

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At the 2020 World UAV Conference in Shenzhen, Chinese heavy drone company Autoflight unveiled a big new canard-style electric VTOL cargo drone, and announced its intentions to develop a similar aircraft for urban air taxi operations.