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Even as Boeing still tells anyone who will listen that it is confident the infamous 737 MAX plane will fly again this year, its biggest clients are giving up hope, and earlier today American Airlines abandoned expectations it would resume flights wit

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James Lyons-Weiler (Founding CEO/Director of IPAK) on the vaccine industry; Speaker @ the Vaccine Education Summit - Boston T Party (Author) on Amazon censorship of Modules for Manhood Vol 3; General Aviation - Dr Judy Mikovits (PhD, Molecular Biolo

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The U.S. Air Force's Boeing X-37B spaceplane broke a record yesterday for the most amount of time in orbit around the Earth. But we still don't know when the uncrewed plane is going to land or even what it's doing up there. All of the details a

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Little by little, Volocopter has continued to refine the design of its flying taxi since we first spotted it back in 2013. As the company eyes a commercial rollout of the electric aircraft in the coming years it has given it yet another makeover, sho

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