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Root cellaring is one of the easiest and most energy-efficient ways to store your fruits and vegetables by using the earth's natural temperatures. But what do you do if you don't have the infrastructure to support a traditional root cellar? You g

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A self-sufficient life means learning a lot of different skills. Get ready for a master class in homestead skills as Tom (aka The Handy Homesteader) uses his years of experience building and remodeling homes, inventing, and fixing things to show you

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Couple Leaves Suburbia for an Unconventional Life Off Grid Brian and Pam left their average American life in the suburbs with a house and career to live off the grid on a rural piece of land. They share what it's been like setting up an off-grid li

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HomeBioGas is a bacteria digester that transforms organic waste such as food scraps and manure into methane gas for cooking. It also produces liquid fertilizer as a byproduct. The device needs a warm climate for bacteria growth. -GEG

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When disaster seems imminent, there's one vital decision that preppers have to make: grab your bag and bug out or hunker down and bug in? The lyrics from the chorus of a song by The Clash sums it up - you've got trouble either way, but one way