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If you're like me, Plan A is hunkering down and waiting out a disaster or bad situation. You want to be home where you're comfortable, where you know the territory, where all your supplies are stored. The last thing in the world you want to do is

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This week, the self-reliance report is about the resources and strategies I've used for setting up a prepper's homestead quickly and inexpensively. A lot of research went into swapping environments - I moved from a low country rather dry farm

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Long before the Rural Electrification Administration started bringing power to rural folks who hadn't been reached by big corporate power companies, farmers and people living away from profitable to operate transmission lines were stuck without the

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Bob Anderson (local libertarian activist; off-grid living) in studio on geodesic domes, living off-grid/power generation/solar/generator/wind; Aquaponics; living as a prepper; future technology; electronics; bitcoin,etc..

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By Survival Woman Backdoor Survival

This article will discuss some of the most common sun exposure and sunscreen myths. We'll get into how sun protection applies in particularly important ways for preppers and homesteaders. We'll also talk about tips for preventing sunscreen, and s

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I have mentioned in several opportunities what I could have done better, given the chance. Here some of my afterthoughts about it. As good as your plan may be, you may have to leave it all behind. You must plan to be mobile

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Have you ever waited too long to prepare for an emergency and then you get to the store and the supplies you need are gone? The shelves are nearly bare because a horde of other locals got there first? If you need to get some last-minute emergency sup