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EXCLUSIVE - 'The Democrats know there's a Hunter problem': GOP Rep. James Comer says Biden's son is a 'national security risk' and a top issue for voters - and finding out if Joe was involved in his deals is a priority if Republicans take back the Ho

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Six years ago, before Russia's full-scale invasion of their country, the Ukrainians bet that a Hillary Clinton presidency would offer better protection from Russian President Vladimir Putin, even though he had invaded Crimea during the Obama-Biden

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'The entire country supports a shift away from fossil fuels': AOC calls Biden's SOTU speech a 'lost opportunity' for failing to promote renewable energy, tackle the 'crisis in education', student loan debt or immigration

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The blue states across America symbolize the deplorable policies and dysfunctional societal standards of the radical, progressive left in power – and they are spreading their political disease across the nation.

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An Inspector General investigation has been opened to look into allegations made that the Capitol Hill Police have been entering Members' offices and photographing sensitive legislative information. Will Republicans have the guts to rein in this Prae

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Having failed to sufficiently capitalize on mass shootings and other gun violence, Democrats are now supporting an end-run effort to cripple manufacturers and distributors of firearms by challenging their existing immunity from lawsuits, and then see

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Let's face it: The 2024 presidential campaign is in full swing. Across all media platforms, pundits gorge themselves at the all-you-can-write buffet of speculation -- satisfying voracious appetites for clicks and cable catnip.