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The Sacramento Kings are now mining Ethereum, the team announced on Wednesday. They are the first sports team entering the crypto space, and in doing so are introducing crypto to sports fans and offering a local group that supports black communities

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Sammy Sosa dismisses criticism of his lighter skin tone and says it does not bother him because his vast wealth allows him to do 'whatever he wants'

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(CNN)It's been described as the biggest diplomatic breakthrough of the 21st century, but to former basketball star Dennis Rodman, Tuesday's meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump was a beautiful moment between

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In a decision that could rob the American Mafia of one of its few remaining sources of income - and potentially save the ailing Atlantic City - the Supreme Court on Monday struck down a federal ban on sportsbetting, saying states should be free to de

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The scandal-plagued NFL is taking more heat after allegations that one team practically abused its cheerleaders, making them undress is questionable circumstances while creepy corporate sponsors slobbered over them.

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Russian crypto-media have asked a meaningful question - why World Cup tickets can't be bought with cryptocurrency. Credit card payments and bank transfers are currently accepted, but are they an option for every fan who wants to go to the stadium

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