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Religion: Non-Believers - Atheists

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Odysee - Red Ice TV

Henrik explain some aspects of the myth behind the Lucia tradition, that is still celebrated in the Nordic countries today, especially Sweden. This tradition is now under threat by the politically correct class. Some parts in southern Sweden have alr

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Ricky Gervais and I discuss his well-known stance on religion how he sees himself as spiritual but not religious, how atheism could impact an individualistic society, and how dogma has crept into everything, from identity politics to social struc

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Babylon Bee

According to sources, organizers for NLM have planned numerous rallies to protest other rallies claiming that lives matter. The organization's mission statement defines the group as "people motivated by the belief that all human lives are equally

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It was not until early 2012, however, that the Amsterdam congregation, at the insistence of one of its members, formally took up the question of whether it was time to rehabilitate Spinoza and welcome him back into the congregation that had expelled

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Carl Teichrib says that religion increasingly is becoming a tool of global collectivism - and he will back up that claim at the Red Pill Expo scheduled for June 21–23 in Spokane, Washington.

1828 Webster's Dictionary - Chattel - 1. Law. a "movable" article of personal property. 2. Any article of tangible property other than land, buildings, and other things annexed to land.