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The 1970s saw people traveling to southern California looking for truth. Then something extraordinary happened: the pastor of a struggling church opened his doors to a charismatic street preacher and a steady stream of young people.

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Prosecutors in Santa Fe, New Mexico are planning to charge actor Alec Baldwin with involuntary manslaughter after he pulled the trigger on a loaded gun on the set of "Rust" in 2021, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing a person with knowledge

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As context is very important for all videos; this message is to confirm that the purpose of this video is reporting on or documenting the content. Note that we make an effort to research for context and cite our sources when necessary.

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One of the hottest documentaries in the world right now is the Netflix production Ancient Apocalypse, featuring Graham Hancock – but some are calling on Netflix to pull it. Others are wondering how the series could be allowed in the first place.