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Voting: Vote Fraud

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FEC Chair Calls Election Illegitimate Due To Fraud, MORE Evidence Of Widespread Irregularity Drops. Citing a lack of transparency the FEC official made the bold statements. But it is important to note that Trey Trainor, the official in question, is a

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Lou Dobbs, Townhall and Post Millennial

Sidney Powell, a member of President Trump's legal team, read an affidavit from a high-ranking military whistleblower stating that the software in the vote machines used in the 2020 US elections originally was designed to flip votes in favor of Hug

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--agreement with Hillary attorney Marc Elias The country is just being introduced to Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger. We are also beginning to uncover the corrupt actions he has taken to steal the 2020 election for the Democrats. So

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Plus the world is awakening to the Great Reset & the globalist war against nation-states and free-market capitalism This is going to be another must-watch, must-listen edition of the Alex Jones Show that's live on the ground with guests and more in

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Nevada's Republican Party announced a new election contest on Tuesday to "throw out fraud and ensure election integrity," citing a slew of alleged voting irregularities that include claims of evidence that 15,000 people who voted in Nevada also