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Politics: Republican Campaigns

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Article Image News Link • Global by Paul Craig Roberts

Other than President Trump, no one cares enough about America to protect it. So why are we spending $1,000 billion annually to defend ourselves from alleged foreign threats when there is no defense against our country's theft by the ruling Establi

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"John" provides an update on local/national GOP politics; Elections/Fraud, Trump, future predictions for the party/politics, etc... - Cal Washington (CEO, Co-Founder InPower) on reclaiming your God given authority over your health and home by holding

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Plus the world is awakening to the Great Reset & the globalist war against nation-states and free-market capitalism This is going to be another must-watch, must-listen edition of the Alex Jones Show that's live on the ground with guests and more in

Article Image News Link • Global by Tyler Durden

Paper-thin margins and still a considerable number of outstanding votes to count are what is making the Pennsylvania race between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden too early to call, even on Saturday morning, four days aft