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Republican Convention Got SIX TIMES More Livestream Viewers Than Democrats, Media Narrative CRUMBLES. In TV viewership however Democrats did better than Republicans. While on the surface this may seem bad for Republicans it is actually a good sign.

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The Donald Trump convention starts tonight: President to travel to North Carolina before speaking four nights in a row as party agrees on platform with NO policy except supporting him for a second term

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You knew it was coming when Trump scheduled his news conference to announce the FDA's emergency authorization for convalescent plasma as a treatment for Covid-19 at 530pm on Sunday afternoon, half an hour before futures opened, and sure enough shortl

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The reality here is that journalists are angry because the ad is effective. Trump's polling took a sharp increase after Kamala was announced likely because people do not like her but also partly due to Trump's ad campaign.

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Some excitement has been generated around Kimberly Klacik, a nonprofit founder and Baltimore County Republican Central committee member, who is a congressional candidate attempting to fill the vacant seat of late Rep. Elijah Cummings.

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John Sneisen (The Economic Truth) on gold and silver - James Bovard (Libertarian Author; Writer) on 'Why I Write' - Maxim Smith (Host of the Teens for Trump YouTube channel) on trying to warn many students and parents about the infiltration of leftis

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'Donaled, your racism is showing': Cory Booker hits back at Trump claim 'the suburban housewife' will vote for him because he ended low income housing programs and trolls president with jab at spelling mistake