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Just when you thought all universities were good for was churning out uninformed Marxists, the University of Georgia breaks that stigma by offering up some groundbreaking sexual health advice in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

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LewRockwell.Com - By Arjun Walia

Exercising with facemasks may reduce available Oxygen and increase air trapping preventing substantial carbon dioxide exchange. The hypercapnic hypoxia may potentially increase acidic environment, cardiac overload, anaerobic metabolism and renal over

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Though Walmart is requiring customers to wear face masks in all of its stores, the chain, like many others, will not require employees to enforce this policy and has instructed associates to still serve customers who do not wear masks. A Walmart trai

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Unfortunately fluoride can be found just about everywhere today from drinking water to antibiotics, no stick pans, salt, and toothpaste, making exposure to it somewhat inevitable. The exposure makes research providing a way to help prevent and limit

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Dr. Jordan Peterson desperately needed medical attention, and he wasn't able to get it in America. He went to Russia, and successfully received the necessary treatment. He tells more of the story here. Now that he is back in good health, he is workin

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