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President Biden exhibited poor diplomacy (again); this time by calling Chinese President Xi a "dictator," while Xi was still here in the U.S.! Whether Xi is or isn't a "dictator" really has nothing to do with Americans. That's an issue for the Chines

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The GOP debaters in Miami Wednesday night might as well have been swathed in war paint. After two hours of endless blathering about Foreign Wars, Border Wars, Culture Wars, Drug Wars, China Wars etc. it was hard to form any other impression about the

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The Biden administration is killing people, openly in Ukraine and Gaza and secretly around the world.

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Armchair generals and warmongers often share a similar view when it comes to analyzing historical and contemporary events; if the military was not constrained, then victory would be assured.

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People have different opinions about the battle between Israel and Hamas, but one thing should be clear to all of us. America must stay out of the conflict and follow our traditional non-interventionist foreign policy, magnificently defended by Murra