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It is fair to say that the "Joe Biden" government dearly wanted a Russian invasion of Ukraine in order to divert attention from the "Joe Biden" government's war on its own people in the United States

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Following the visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Moscow on Tuesday, Vladimir Putin announced the withdrawal of some troops deployed on the border with Ukraine.

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It's not something it can come out and directly say, because admitting it sees itself as the rulers of the world would make it look tyrannical and megalomaniacal, writes Caitlin Johnstone.

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U.S. officials are declaring unequivocally that Russian officials were lying when Russia stated that it was withdrawing troops from the Russia-Ukraine border.

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Dear Friends: The Biden Administration geniuses who botched the US departure from Afghanistan, who assured us there was no way the Taliban would take over, and that no American would be left behind, are the very same people assuring us that a Russ

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An op-ed in the Washington Post this week shows how obtuse some people can be when it comes to Iran. The article was written by a man named Barry Rosen, who is a former U.S. diplomat who was taken hostage in Iran during the Iranian revolution in 1979

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With the crisis over Ukraine getting bigger by the day, this would be a good time for the American people to engage in some serious introspection, especially given the recent withdrawal of U.S. forces from their forever deadly and destructive war in


North Korea launches fifth missile test this month, Iran-backed militia attacks US base in UAE and US fleet keeps China in check as Putin threatens to invade Ukraine

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Then-Secretary of State Colin Powell is given credit for popularizing the "Pottery Barn" rule of foreign policy. Though he denies using that exact phrase, in arguing against what became the disastrous 2003 US attack on Iraq Powell made the point that

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In my last post (Too Many Women In The Wrong Places), I mentioned how our elites continue to court disaster by ignoring the reality of human differences.

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Throughout the long, documented history of the United States illegally overthrowing governments of foreign lands to build a global empire there has emerged three ways Washington broadly carries out "regime change."

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