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Three decades ago Iraq's Saddam Hussein invaded neighboring Kuwait. It was no contest. Hussein was vastly more ruthless than Kuwait's emir. Iraq's military was significantly larger than Kuwait's armed forces. Hussein declared his conquest to

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I find it fascinating to watch the rightwing, conservative mindset unfold in response to what is occurring in Portland because it reminds me so much of the same rightwing, conservative mindset with respect to Chile in the 1970s.

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I must confess that interventionists have given me a case of foreign-policy whiplash given the constantly changing array of official enemies of the United States on which Americans are supposed to focus their attention.

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The Trump Administration's stance on Syria and Bashar al Assad goes against President Obama's and Sec. of State Clinton's policy since 2011. Ben takes a look at how this new policy is contrary to media narrative about Syria over the past decade.

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In a series of truly chilling and ominous tweets, Joe Biden shows us he would dispense with Trump's even minimal non-interventionism and return the U.S. to full-bore aggression, warns Caitlin Johnstone.

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Acting in sympathy with the people of Hong Kong, who have just been told by China that they are being subjected to a new Chinese law to protect "national security," President Trump has announced that he is taking measures to retaliate against …