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Drugs and Medications

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President Donald Trump remains committed to lowering the price of pharmaceutical drugs for American consumers. He has unveiled a plan to create a competitive marketplace to reduce costs while striking back against foreign freeloaders as well.

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Up until recently, chemotherapy and radiation have been the only two approved treatment methods for treating cancer by mainstream medicine, but as more research emerges, light is being shed on just how damaging these treatment methods can be ....

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(Natural News) Cannabis's health benefits have helped it gain approval for medicinal use in several states, but it's important to keep in mind that this does not mean that it's perfectly healthy when smoked. In fact, if you're smoking it, you

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The United States Health Secretary was quick to claim that there is "no such thing as medical marijuana,"but he also admitted that the U.S. plans to spend more than $750 million searching for a pharmaceutical alternative for opioids next year--a

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(Natural News) The psychiatric/pharmaceutical drug industry is worth a staggering $80 billion a year in sales alone, and Washington is literally crawling with lobbyists who have seemingly bottomless pots of cash to smooth the regulatory path for drug

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