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Are Biden And Netanyahu Orchestrating War In the United States?

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I start by saying it outright: America is on the precipice of war! And I'm talking not only about war abroad; I'm talking about war within the United States. And these wars are being deliberately orchestrated by President Joe Biden in the United States and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel.

Strong language? Yes. But the facts prove the language is not hyperbolic.

On February 8, I wrote a column entitled U.S. Government Gives Millions To Jewish Group To Escort Illegals Into America.

In that column, I quoted Peggy Hall saying:

Here are the dark and dirty details of how the US is financially footing the bill for the immigrant invasion.

There is a Jewish organization called HIAS, which stands for Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

HIAS gets hundreds of millions of dollars in US funding through the Office of Refugees Resettlement (ORR). ORR was created by Brandon Biden as part of the Department of Health and Human Services in the federal government. (Note: just a reminder for how bloated and excessive the federal government is. There is NOTHING in the Constitution that allows for these unfettered agencies that are created on the whim of the president.)

Check out the ORR website here, and note near the bottom of the list of agencies that are getting matching grants from YOUR money.

You'll see that HIAS is listed as one of those agencies.

HIAS spends YOUR tax dollars on getting 500,000 ILLEGALS all the way from South America and Central America into the USA.

You might think that the poor immigrants should get the red carpet welcome wagon treatment. After all, think of the deplorable conditions they are escaping, not to mention the risks these asylum seekers face while trying to escape to a better life.

Um… that's not really the case, at least for these refugees that are helped every step of the way by HIAS (funded with millions of dollars from the US government).

Keep reading, and I'll show you exactly how HIAS describes how they are helping HALF a MILLION refugees cross the dangerous Darien Gap in the Panamanian jungle to grab money, housing, transportation, cash grants, medical care and jobs that should be going to authentic Americans.

After that column was published, I was chided by several people accusing me of distorting the facts relative to the significance of the HIAS connection to the collusion between Joe Biden's White House and the Israeli organization in the planned and orchestrated smuggling of not 500,000 but millions of criminal illegal aliens into America—at a taxpayer expense amounting to billions of dollars.

Well, it turns out, not only was I right, but the half was not even told.

In a podcast interview with 24-year Border Patrol Agent in Charge J.J. Carrell on May 18, Clayton Morris revealed that the treasonous conspiracy between Biden and Israel's agent, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), is even deeper and more sinister than we could have possibly imagined.

Here are snippets of this shocking interview—an interview that everyone should watch:

CM: The more we learn about it, the more troubling it is. The United States government working hand-in-hand with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to bring millions of illegal immigrants into the United States. If you don't think this is all planned, then you need to get your head examined. Nothing happens by coincidence. This is all part of a massive operation.

J.J. Carrell is a 24-year veteran of the Customs and Border Protection, and what he's just uncovered as part of his new documentary called Treason is just astonishing. J.J. has been kind enough to send me dispatches of the documentary as they are filming this. And it's just jaw-dropping. Speaking with sources at these NGOs who don't want their face on camera; they don't want their voices on camera either. What they're telling J.J. is just shocking. Listen.

Source: It was Jewish Family Services [HIAS], and then you had Jewish Family Services who also had these underlying NGOs under them, whether it be Lutheran Family Services, Catholic Family Services, you know, and then all these different family services. But they all have the same parent company [HIAS]. [Emphasis added]

J.J.: So, you would pay Jewish Family Services, and then they would pay…

Source: All of the subcontractors, but they all have the same payee for the most part.

CM: And J.J. joins us now fresh off of that latest trip. J.J., welcome back to the show.

J.J.: Thank you for having me, Clayton. I'm really excited about talking about this, the greatest crime that is going to be uncovered in the next several years is the partnership between NGOs and the federal government and the tune of tens of billions of dollars, if not hundreds of billions of dollars, after this four-year term of Biden's is over.

I had a very good idea of what was going on, what was transpiring, but when you talk to people that are inside those meetings. So, the individual that I talked to was a DHS employee. He was the guy that cut the checks to the NGOs. And he's telling me, he's laying it out for me about what this looks like. He cut checks to Jewish Family Services, Catholic charities and a couple others.

And I said, "Tell me about, just give me an example." And he goes, "Okay. Jewish Family Services. Let me explain how this works. The Jewish Family Services…." I said, "Cut. Tell me tell me the amount, okay, before you get started." He said, "Six hundred million dollars." And I said, "Okay, was that two- or three-years contract?" He goes, "No, that was like two-, three- to six-months max." Max!

Then he said what was really stunning to me is this is where the money laundering scheme comes in. So he goes, "You have Jewish Family Services at the top." He says they have 50, say, let's just say 50 to 100 subcontractors underneath them. "After I give them," he's telling me, "After I cut that check for $600 million, then those smaller subcontractors that are responsible for food, clothing, housing, whatever that $600 million does not cover or did not cover enough, those subcontractors call us and say, 'We need 10 million here. We need 5 million here.'" [Emphasis added]

And I say, "Well, do you vet it?" He goes, "No. We're in emergency mode, so we cut the checks immediately to them." And he says, "But here's where, this is where it gets crazy, J.J." He said, "When I cut the checks to the subcontractors, I'm cutting the check to the same payee. I'm sending the same funds to Jewish Family Services, the same account. So, you have Jewish Family Services getting $600 million, but you have 50 to 100 subcontractors that I'm paying, but I'm paying to the same bank account as Jewish Family Services. It's all a lie. It's just all a lie."

And I said, "Okay, well you cut a $600 million check. Are you now tracking that to check?" And he goes, "Listen. You have to understand, J.J., nobody's following the money. No one cares." He says, "You have to understand the federal government created a chaotic situation on the border. You have millions of people coming to the border. The Border Patrol / DHS / CBP / FEMA. No one has the resources / manpower to move millions of people from the border into America. That's where the NGOs come in. The NGOs are the movement of people and goods into America. That is the evil partnership between the government and the NGOs."

So, when people are talking about the military-age adult males that are pouring into our country, understand that they're anywhere from 50% to 70% of the total illegal population coming into America. We've been sold this lie that it's family units and babies and kids. Yes, there is that. But the single adult military-age men are in the millions, tens of millions in America. You're looking at … you mentioned this perfectly. It's happening in Europe.

Nothing happens in the world by happenstance. There's no willy-nilly "well, this is just how it's happened. It just happens that there's tens of millions of illegal military-age adult men pouring into, from the Southern Hemisphere, pouring into the Northern, excuse me, the Western nations of the world." It's not by happenstance.

And when you…it's hard. I know it's hard to hear somebody say the federal government is doing this. And it's hard to say; it's hard to comprehend what the manifestation of this will be. But it will be devastation and destruction. And I always ask this question, Clayton: If you do not agree with my conclusion, if you do not agree with my analysis, then tell me why the federal government under Joe Biden has brought in 30 million illegal aliens into our country. And no one can answer that.

Again, listen to the entire interview.

So, my detractors who said I was exaggerating the role that HIAS has in the escorting of millions of illegals into America, as other religious NGOs were also involved, were wrong. It's true that there are many NGOs involved, but ALL of the NGOs are subordinate to HIAS. And HIAS distributes ALL of the U.S. taxpayer monies to those other NGOs. So, what we have here is a clandestine, treasonous conspiracy between the Biden White House and an Israeli NGO to transport tens of millions of criminal illegal aliens—most of them single, unattached military-age males—into the United States at taxpayer expense.

Then, just a few days ago, Morris did a follow-up interview with Carrell on the real situation regarding the criminal illegal aliens in the inner city of Chicago, Illinois. J.J. says in no uncertain terms that open WAR will soon break out in Chicago as the citizens of that inner city (mostly blacks) are being deliberately and systematically driven from their homes and livelihoods by the federal government in collusion with Chicago's mayor and city officials in order to give billions of dollars to criminal aliens who are mostly from Venezuela, setting them up in first-class accommodations, providing the best food, clothing and transportation (and heat in the winter)—including allowing the illegals to purchase and drive nice automobiles without having a driver's license, car registration, license plate or any legal documentation for the vehicle or the right to drive it.

The citizens of inner-city Chicago have had enough! All it will take is the killing of a young black man or the raping of a young black girl by an illegal alien, and war against the alien invaders will explode in Chicago. And police officers know it; and they have said when it happens, there will be nothing they can do to stop it. And when it starts in Chicago, it will spread throughout the inner cities of America's largest municipalities nationwide. 

Watch the interview!

And except for Christian Zionist evangelicals (who love war), most people in the United States are fed up with America being complicit in Israel's genocidal ethnic cleansing of Gaza and the West Bank. But when has it ever mattered to the corrupt politicians in Washington, D.C., what the U.S. citizenry wants?

Washington is "digging in" in its maniacal support for Israel. Donald Trump said this week that if he's elected he'll deport any and all pro-Palestinian college students from the United States. (So much for change.) And the Biden administration and U.S. Congress—especially the Zionist-controlled Republican Congress—are pathological in their defense of Israel.

Philip Giraldi:

Judging by developments over the past several weeks, it would appear that nothing going on in Washington matters quite as much as defending Israel no matter what the Jewish state does. The White House and its befuddled leader President Joe Biden are obsessed with every twist and turn of the Israel and media shaped narrative, basing it on two key words "terrorism" and "antisemitism." It plays out like this: Israel is a victim of terrorism from enemies seeking to destroy it and those who criticize the Israeli "self-defense" response are motivated by nothing less than antisemitism. It is also being claimed ludicrously in Washington that Israel is fully capable of investigating itself if war crimes actually were committed, something that it never has done, note particularly the lack of any follow-up in cases involving the recent killing of American citizens.

The necessity to support what are obviously parts of a suspect exculpatory narrative has administration clowns like Karine Jean-Pierre, Matthew Miller, John Kirby and Antony Blinken falling over themselves trying to explain developments using arguments which are frequently clearly based on lies. Sometimes the lies are huge, like the Blinken claims that the US foreign policy does not favor Israel and treats everyone the same, or that a thorough State Department investigation has failed to sustain the claims that Israel is engaging in war crimes to possibly include genocide.

The United States is also reflexively turning on any institution or government that has managed to anger Israel and its vitriolic psychopath leader Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The recent decision by Norway, Ireland and Spain to recognize Palestinian statehood brings to 145 the number of countries now taking that step. The move infuriated Netanyahu who summoned those countries' ambassadors and called it a "reward for terror." One wonders if the US will follow suit and either break diplomatic relations with those three otherwise friendly and even allied countries or in some other fashion punish or sanction them. That terrorism often operates in two directions and Israel has been a cruel, racist and capricious occupying power seems to have escaped the attention of the Washington punditry which is only engaged in finding in Israel a perpetual victim innocent of all charges.

And then there is the recent declaration by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague that it would be seeking warrants relating to possible war crimes for Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Yoav Gallant as well as the leader of Hamas Yahya Sinwar, plus his deputies Mohammed Deif and Ismail Haniyeh. This produced a scream of anguish from the White House which first argued that the ICC has no jurisdiction as Israel, like the US, is not a signatory to the Rome Treaty that founded the court in 2002 even though Palestine is. Joe Biden also said on Monday that "Whatever this prosecutor might imply, there is no equivalence—none—between Israel and Hamas." He backed up this legally irrelevant statement with the usual assertion that "we will always stand with Israel against threats to its security." The court, in fact, was created to address war crimes and genocides that had escaped normal investigation and prosecution and the 124 signatory nations to it are empowered to arrest those named individuals who have outstanding warrants if they should happen to enter their jurisdictions.

The second argument being made both by Netanyahu and the Biden squeakers is that Netanyahu and Gallant are demonstrably government officials, not terrorists, while Sinwar and his colleagues are, meaning that different standards must be used to judge their actions. Of course, the Jewish state's mass murder of 40,000 civilians by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and its deliberate use of starvation just might fit most people's definition of terror, but apparently is not convincing to Israel, the US Congress, White House and the Zionist controlled mainstream media.

Interestingly, as a side issue, since the United States is complicit in the war crimes being committed by Israel due to its funding and arming Netanyahu's war, it too might wind up charged by the ICC. It would be a real wake-up call and might make many Americans, including myself, very happy to see Biden and Blinken in a prison cell! And by implication the ICC's charges are also an indictment of Israel's other Western allies. If Netanyahu is guilty of murder, extermination and deliberate starvation of civilians, so are those who arm and fund Israel while giving it political protection. That includes not only Joe Biden, but also Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer in Britain and other Western European leaders who are sitting on the fence and regretting the death rates while also providing arms to Netanyahu. For Washington, however, unlike its European allies, given that there is a real potential threat against the US political leadership, a very sharp response has been triggered. Twelve GOP Senators have issued a threat letter to the court that stated that the US would sanction justices and other staff working for ICC as well as their families, including blocking their ability to travel to or through the United States and going after their assets. It ended with "You have been warned!" Several other bills are also currently moving through Congress that will directly challenge the authority and mission of the court, all being done to protect Israel.

And there's more. Israel, which is frequently described as a "great US ally," which it is not, and a "democracy," which it is also not, is currently ranked in opinion polls as the most despised country in the world followed by the United States, which is rated as the country most likely to start a major war. The US, through direct Treasury transfers and various other "charity" gimmicks and trade subsidies, gives Israel, a tiny country, a huge $10 billion or so per year. This year, to fund the war, the flow has been closer to $30 billion and Biden has vowed that his mission is to keep Israel "secure" even if it means having to ignore the Constitution of the United States by engaging in a war that is not declared and which did not develop from a demonstrable threat to the United States or its vital interests. Israel, hardly a vital US interest in the real world, was completely capable of destroying Gaza without US help, it just would have had to spend its own money to do so.

The power of the Israel Lobby is such that, not only are Americans denied the truth by a twisted war narrative, critters in Congress are coming out of the woodwork to see what they can do to help "America's greatest ally!" Bills in Congress include one particularly bizarre one that would legalize deporting to Gaza student-protesters who are arrested or detained while out demonstrating "pro-Hamas," which is inevitably described as the felony referred to as "material support of terrorism!" The Republicans in Congress are currently taking the lead in launching legislation to benefit the Israelis, including some schemes that are so strange (or illegal) that they are worth noting. On May 17, legislation was introduced and referred to the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs. Cosponsored by two Republicans, Chief Deputy Whip Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania and Ohio Representative Max Miller, H.R. 8445 went largely under the radar to provide direct support for those wishing to serve in the Israeli army. Miller is Jewish and Reschenthaler appears to be a Christian Zionist.

Amen, Philip!

In my view, Christian Zionism is a much greater threat to the United States than communism or fascism or Islam or any other tyrannical doctrine. Christian Zionism completely controls the Republican Party (Jewish Zionism controls 90% or more of the Democrat Party); it controls 80% of the evangelical churches in America and at least that same percentage of the evangelical colleges, universities and seminaries; it condones and justifies mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide on behalf of Israel; it is the biggest cheerleader for perpetual foreign wars; its loyalty is first to Israel, not the United States; it refuses to oppose the invasion of criminal illegal aliens into America, because it knows that Israel is the largest facilitator of this invasion; its egregiously iniquitous use of the erroneous teachings of Israel-based eschatology has made Zionist zombies out of most evangelical pastors and churches. In short, there is almost NO spiritual opposition to this evil antichrist beastly system. And without spiritual opposition to antichrist, the Church becomes "good for nothing" (Jesus, Matthew 5:13).

(I invite readers to watch my recent message Good For Nothing Churches.)

Any honest, objective observer (this omits Christian Zionists) can clearly see that the U.S. government is engaged in a devilish conspiracy with Zionist Israel to orchestrate war inside the United States via the invasion of 40 – 50 million criminal illegal aliens. And we haven't even broached the collaboration between Israel and Washington to orchestrate war in the entire Middle East or Biden's effort to create World War III in Ukraine.

The American people need to wake up NOW! Not only do they need to wake up but they also need to get prepared, because it is only a matter of time—and maybe not that much time either—before war breaks out in YOUR town. And when it does, municipal law and order will be nonexistent, and it will be up to the citizenry to defend itself against a criminal alien army that already dwells amongst us.

And it's all being orchestrated by Joe Biden, the U.S. Congress, Benjamin Netanyahu and the radical Zionist Likud Party in Israel.

P.S. This is the FINAL CALL for THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. This is the giant compilation of America's great historical documents in one volume. Our supply is quickly dwindling, so order NOW.


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