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Barack Obama: "We need to fundamentally change America."

In an interview with Bill O'Reilly years ago, Barack Obama promised to fundamentally change (transform) America.  At the time, he followed his preacher Jeremiah Wright in Chicago with, "God D*mn America."  Obama also hid the fact that he was a practicing Muslim because he knew Americans would not vote for anyone following the Islamic religion after 9/11.

Then he wrote a book where he admitted when the winds blew hard against him, he would stand with the Muslims.

If you haven't seen it, let's look at what's happened to Great Britain. Once the most powerful nation on the planet, London and 20 other cities find themselves being led by Muslim mayors.

Out of 67 million British citizens, and only 4.0 million imported Muslims, Great Britain finds its own Christian religion being replaced by 3,000 mosques, 130 Sharia Courts and 50 Sharia Councils.

For the record, Sharia Law is the most brutal, deadly, insane, and totally anti-Western religion on the planet.  It degrades women as ½ the value of a man. There are no rights to women's dress or choice of spouse. Children lack any rights.  Honor killings of women are lawful and carried out to the tune of 20,000 annually according to the United Nations.  Female genital mutilation is mandated and lawful.  Women cannot swim in a pool with men.  Women cannot wear a bathing suit unless it's a full pajama suit and only with other women. Women can be beaten without cause. Women must cover their entire bodies and wear hijabs or burkas, which turn them into "non-persons."   Women cannot drive a car or ride a bicycle. They have no say in the politics of a country.

"A whopping 78 percent of Muslim women do not work, receive state support, and free accommodations.  Another 63 percent of male Muslims do not work, receive state support, and free housing. State supported Muslim families with an average of 6 to 8 kids receive free accommodations. Today, every school in the UK is required to teach Islam."  (Source: Professor Stewart Hulbert, San Diego State University.)

In other words, Great Britain pays for a religion that displaces its own citizens.  What few understand is this fact: Islam works toward total world dominance.  It teaches its adherents to lie in order to make inroads into any country.  Its prime directive is, "Convert or kill all non-believers."  (Source: Qur'an)

So, when Muslim Barack Obama said that he was out to "change" America fundamentally, he meant it.

If you look around you, we jumped from 300 Mosques and 100,000 Muslims in 1990, to well over 4.0 million Muslims in America in 2024.  Their goal is to reach 20 to 30 million by 2050.  With THAT many numbers, they can and will take over entire cities. They will form Islamic caliphates within American that have nothing to do with America.

One look at Detroit, Michigan in the past month with their 300,000 imported Syrian Muslims, they have been chanting, "Death to America" in meetings to support the Hamas terrorists who slaughtered 1,200 women and children on October 7, 2023.

If you look at the audacity and violence of Muslims at our major universities, you're seeing a "fundamental change" in America. What is that change?  We're being changed or devolved into a third world country.  We're being driven back to the 6thcentury when Mohammod the Prophet raped, killed, beheaded and generally created the savagery of Islam.

If you look at "Somaliland" in Minneapolis, Minnesota, you see 125,000 Somalian Muslims living off American taxpayers' dollars for food, housing, medical care and more.  Because they carry an average IQ of 68, they have totally trashed the school systems.  Why? Anyone with that low an IQ, lacks any interest in educational pursuits.  Additionally, they simply cannot perform or pass tests in math, science, physics or any STEM subjects.

If you look at George Washington University, those same Muslims draped the Palestinian flag over a statue of "George Washington," the Father of Our Country.  They desecrated it beyond recognition.  Do they care about our country or about any Americans?  What do you think?

If you look at the history of Islam from the 6th century, it has not changed into a civil or intelligent religion.  It's based on a political religious system that tolerates no other religions and no other thought processes. If you look at Iran, that country provides the most terror in the world. One look at Europe shows you a total disintegration of Western Ideals, laws and civility.

Obama wants to "fundamentally change" by importing more Muslims.  If you look at what his "stepchild" Biden has done, look no further than our southern "border",  which is no longer a border. Biden invited 12 million illegal aliens, terrorists, drug cartels, criminals, nut cases and worse into our country in the past 41 months.  

How do you think they will "fundamentally change or transform" our country?

While we're seeing our country turn into a cesspool of criminals, Congress does NOTHING to stop the president or the illegals.

You must ask yourself, "Would I want my wife and children to live in  Detroit, Michigan to be forced to read the Qur'an at school, obey  Sharia Law, watch honor killings, have my female children suffer  female genital mutilation, wear Burkas or hijabs, be unable to swim with boys, wear a pajama to swim, be dubbed at ½ the value of a male, and another dozen atrocities beyond comprehension?"

If I were an American woman, "Would I want my husband to take four wives?  Would I like him to beat me at any whim?  Would I like being forced to stay in the house unless accompanied by another male from my house?  Would I like myself to be forced into female genital mutilation?  Would I like my daughters going to school with classes dominated by Somalian students?  How much education would my children receive?"

How did it feel when you heard the news report, "Death to America" from all those pro-Hamas Muslim supporters?  Did you ask yourself,  "How could they say that inside the greatest and freest country on this planet?"

All Americans better start asking themselves these questions because the citizens of Great Britain didn't. Now look where they find themselves.


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