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Our College Campuses: What's Going On Is Nuts!

We Need to Stop It With the National Guard, arrests and prison, NOW!

As an R.O.T.C. cadet in college in 1968, I found myself terrified of being killed in Vietnam. My roommate got drafted right out of our room, and he died in a firefight within three months of being forced into that insane war.  In the meantime, Joe Biden avoided the draft with phony "asthma" papers to give him a 1-Y deferment.  What a crock!  U.S. Marines salute him upon stepping onto Air Force One, but he doesn't know how to give a proper hand salute any more than Captain Kangaroo!  

After boot-camp in Fort Benning, Georgia, now politically correct Fort Moore, I felt like a walking dead man. It was only a matter of time before Uncle Sam in the name of Lyndon Baines Johnson and Richard Nixon had decided I should die in that totally money-grubbing war that benefited only the Military Industrial Complex corporate heads.  We just bombed the hell out of that country and Monsanto rained down Agent Orange to kill everything in sight.  In the end, trillions of dollars wasted, 58,479 American kids sacrificed, drugs and soldier-addicts returned to the USA, 2.3 million innocent Vietnamese died, and our country splitting at the seams with anti-war marches, Kent State and college campus riots.  

But what's going on today on our college campuses shows pure treason, anarchy, and terrorism toward America, toward Israel and toward every Jewish person in the United States.  It's a whole lot worse than anything I saw during Vietnam.

We've got imported terrorists from Hamas calling for "Death to America" in our new Detroit, Michigan Islamic caliphate.   That's no small thing because Muslims have created wars within their own tribes since the 6th century.  Islam is a religion that advocates violence. It advocates rape of women.  It advocates the overthrow of all other religions.  It advocates exterminating every Jew on this planet.

Now, our "brilliant intellectual" of a president, Joe Biden, wants to import tens of thousands of Hamas terrorists and Palestinian refugees into our country.  These violent people represent the worst of humanity,  and for the record, no other Muslim countries will take them.  So, what the heck, let's just inject them into our cities, towns, welfare rolls, and work force so they can turn our country into their own little "Intifada."  How stupid, inept and ignorant is Joe Biden and/or his handlers?  Answer: really, really stupid.

The fact is, Europe spirals into the toilet with its Muslims. They simply cannot and will not climb out of their mental caves from the 6th century. They are lost in the 21st century.  They continue their beheadings of gay people. They  continue female genital mutilation. They will not stop honor killings. They follow Sharia Law and savagery like no other religion on earth.  If any Muslim in Iran goes against their power, they execute them on the spot.  Muslims hate all other religions. They do not respect any other religion.  They do not tolerate other religions in their countries.  But, they love to infiltrate Canada, America and Europe to destroy our freedoms. Islam is a human virus on this planet with no cure, no vaccine, no way to extinguish it.

So, now, look at the college campuses!  We've got far left "elite intellectuals" who harbor hate for average Americans. They are Marxists, pure and simple.  They hate Jews.  They hate law and order. They hate the U.S. Constitution.  They simply hate White working America.  

Those same professors teach our kids to hate their own country.  Those kids are so brainwashed, they don't realize how stupid they are as shills for those elites.  If they were in Iran or any other Islamic state, they would be executed instantly.

Don't you love it when you read the signs women carry, "Queers for Palestine"?    How stupid is that to support the very people who follow the religion that kills gay people?  

At the same time, Biden, and college presidents have done nothing to stop the riots.  Columbia's president should have been fired two months ago.  Every college president who supports "Intifada" should be dismissed.  This crap happened in Hitler's Germany.

If you hear people chanting "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free…"here's what it means:   

This is a cry for Israel to not exist. It is calling for a Palestinian state that extends from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea – effectively erasing and destroying the entire Jewish state.   

If you hear people calling for "resistance by any means necessary," here's what is being said:   

This is support for terrorism.  Saying "by any means necessary," especially after October 7, indicates support, justification, and championing of violence and murder of civilians as a form of so-called resistance.  Hamas' "means" have included brutal torture and kidnapping of innocents, including babies and the elderly.  

If you see a flyer related to Hamas' war on Israel that features an image of a paraglider, here's what that represents: 

It's glorifying the terrorists who used paragliders to infiltrate Israel on October 7, 2023 to massacre, kidnap, mutilate and brutalize thousands of people. There is no other meaning of these images. 

If you hear people chanting "Globalize the intifada!" here's what it means:  

The chant is a reference to violent Palestinian uprisings against Israel, specifically acts of terrorism and indiscriminate violence against civilians by terrorist groups, including suicide bombings in buses and restaurants. This slogan has been chanted at anti-Israel rallies for years. Jews and Israelis hear this slogan as a call for indiscriminate violence against Israel, and potentially against Jews and Jewish institutions worldwide.  

"Let's be clear: It is possible to care about Palestinian civilians without supporting Hamas or whitewashing their slaughter, pillaging and kidnapping. It's possible to criticize Israeli actions and policies without calling for the eradication of the Jewish state. It's possible for advocate for your point of view without feeding into the escalating anti-Jewish atmosphere that has engulfed so many of our campuses and big cities."  ( Source: ADL, 11/2/23, "Stop and Think")

If this treason keeps up,  if this anarchy keeps up, and we allow anyone to attack or call for the death of certain religions, we've lost America.  You need to get on the phone and call your U.S. Senators and House Member. Demand they take action at the federal level to stop all immigration of anyone from Islamic countries. Deport anyone in this country that screams, "Initafada" or "From the river to the sea" or "Death to America."  

Otherwise, we will simply become an Islamic caliphate that collapses into lawlessness, chaos, civil war and human misery.