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American Governors and Mayors Need to Recalibrate Their Priorities

What if the University of Georgia nursing student, Laken Riley, killed by an illegal alien while she jogged on campus, was your child?  What if one of the 100,000 kids killed annually by fentanyl brought across our borders by Joe Biden's drug cartel army was your child?  What if one of the thousands of automobiles "car-jacked" by illegals was your car?  What if one of the countless women raped by illegal aliens was your daughter or wife?  

How would open-borders advocate former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi feel if her children were killed or raped by an illegal alien?  How would California Governor Gavin Newsome feel if his kids were stuck in a high school with 50 different languages…so no learning could possibly take place?  How would the head of the NCAA like it if his daughter competed against a transgender DNA male---and got the crap beat out of her?  

What if you were one of the hundreds of businesses that lose that $100 billion annually to illegal alien shoplifters?  What if you were the NYC former U.S. Marine Daniel Penny who must stand trial for a crazy—emotionally unstable subway passenger who threatened everyone around him—and Penny actually took action to protect fellow passengers? Instead of being heralded as a hero, he's up on murder charges.

What if you were one of the 10,000 homeless in Denver, Colorado, but your moron Governor Polis and Mayor Johnston invited another 40,000 illegal aliens into that "Sanctuary State, City" to feed and house them instead of legal Americans who deserve taxpayer dollars more than illegal border jumpers?

What if you're on the next plane inspected by "Diversity, Inclusion, Equity" mechanics who don't know a wrench from a screwdriver, but their ethnicity was more important than their ability to pass tests and become competent at their jobs?  What if a "DIE" pilot, hired for the color of his or her skin, instead of their engineering skills, kills you and your family in a "freak" accident while landing?

What if America is being led by an 81 year old suffering from dementia, looks like a walking cadaver, with his only talent being able to eat ice cream, is allowed to pretend he's governing the greatest nation on the face of the Earth, but doesn't know what day of the week it is or where he is or what's going on in the world?  And, who are the "mentally retarded" Democrats voting him into the next nomination for President of the United States?  Why not vote for someone who possesses a functioning brain? 

What if crimes in big cities spiral out of control, but mayors and city councils vote to "Defund the Police"?  What happens when one of their loved ones gets shot, drugged, car-jacked or must attend schools that are overrun by foreigners who could care less about anything American?

You could write you own list as to the insanities facing our country in 2024.  This column only scratches the surface of what we're facing as a country.

At some point, basic, rational and sane Americans must bring the needle back to reality.  DNA males must not be allowed to compete against DNA females, period. Not in one single sport!  The NCAA needs to get its head out of its proverbial rear-end, and create a separate NCTA for all those mentally unstable guys trying to pretend they can wear a woman's bathing suit, wrestling tights, and tennis skirts.

All of us need to come back to center as to George Floyd who was a car-jacker, woman beater, felon, drug dealer, porno actor, counterfeit pusher, and career criminal who most likely died of a fentanyl overdose as he swallowed those pills just before he was arrested.  Instead of naming high schools after him, he needs to be recorded as an absolutely pathetic example of a human being.

When it comes to our nation, we need to arrest and jail criminals. Put the fear of instant prosecution and jailing in them for any crimes.  We need to deport every last illegal alien back to their own countries. We need to rescind any asylum laws. We need to impeach this president and his DHS Secretary Mayorkas for total failures on the border.  Heck, our U.S. House and Senate should impeach themselves for their stupendous failures as to illegal immigration, $34 trillion debt, failed cities, failed schools, failed infrastructure, and failing the American people. What they are doing is illegal, against our Constitution, against every legal American, against every legal immigrant, and against our kids as to the deaths for drug overdoses.  We need to stop this insanity before your kid becomes the next Laken Riley.

We need to stop the invasion before those Muslim terrorists reach critical mass to plan and execute another 9/11 in one of our big cities.  You MUST know they are planning something HUGE in order to kill the "Great Satan."  With the number of demonstrators in our country supporting Hamas' slaughtering all those women and children on October 7, 2023, we need to deport all Muslims because their only allegiance is to Sharia Law and the Qur'an.  We don't need them in our country and don't need what they have in store for us.

In 2024, we need to get back to the basics that made this country function at the highest level for everyone:  personal responsibility, personal accountability, personal educational excellence, personal work excellence, loyalty to our flag, honesty, ethics, critical thinking, our communities, our states, our nation and our way of life.

What if Laken Riley was your kid?  Well, the way things are going, anyone of us could be the next Laken Riley.