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Non-Participation of Citizens in a Constitutional Republic: Being Bought Out

Because the incredible reach of FreedomsPhoenix, all the journalists at this news service website enjoy readers from around the world.  Oftentimes, when we write compelling or frightening or inspirational columns, readers respond.  Some feel angry. Others feel sadness. Still others praise or malign each of us who write our opinions.

Please understand that I write to educate, help you understand America's situation, provoke action and hopefully, save our country from continuing on its lacerated spiral into the dustbin of history.  At this point, we tip onto the edge of disaster whether it be the invasion of our open borders by millions of refugees, our horrific $31,500,000,000,000.00 (trillion) national debt, our overwhelmed cities, our disastrous educational systems, our water crisis, our national nightmare of transgender men competing in women's sports, drag queens dancing in front of our elementary school children, abortion, incredible crime rates that continue without consequences, our senile president Biden, China's dominance of every product that makes our society operate…and the list grows.  

The millions of homeless "monsters" in America that haven't been solved in decades…why in the name of God's green earth haven't we solved that problem?  We could, but we don't!  Yet, we've sent over $100 billion to Ukraine for their war to protect their borders! We spent $6 trillion in Afghanistan and Iraq while our infrastructure rotted beyond understanding.  I don't get how those intellectually vacant minds (you might think of a better name) in DC can sleep at night. I don't understand why they are totally out of touch with the realities of our country's demise.

How do you approve of $94.1 billion in shoplifting in 2022?  How do you approve of Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Detroit, NYC all supporting repeat criminals?  How do we allow our schools to be shot up regularly?  Why are our African-American minorities waging war against each other in the big cities?   Why are we allowing every kind of drug cartel to dominate our borders and our cities to kill 300 kids A DAY from drug overdoses?  Why are we allowing millions upon millions of the dregs of the third world to penetrate every aspect of our lives?

What happens when water, energy and resources…that allow this civilization to operate…are simply exhausted beyond replenishing?  Anybody thinking about that gargantuan dilemma staring us in our faces?  Why aren't our leaders solving it? 

Here's a letter from a reader in Canada:

Dear Frosty,

It's obvious that you persevere and that you exhibit a marvelous dedication and tenacity. But, in the US populace, there are very few persons showing and actually enacting the duties of concerned citizenship.

The USA is failing. In the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Centuries, at the time of America's creation, and in its early formative years, critics in Old Europe pointed out that popular government, that is, government by the members of the commonality, could never work and would never work. Old Europe maintained that good, rational and morally-sound government on a continuing basis could be accomplished only by a hereditary aristocracy, a hereditary ruling oligarchy. Why ? The reason is that the rich will always purchase the government. One way or another, with the passage of time, with patient application, the rich would always in effect " purchase " the government. And the only group in any country capable of, and inclined to resist and ignore the blandishments of Money are independently-wealthy hereditary aristocrats. This is what has happened in the USA. For the past 30 or 40 years, the Houses of Congress in Washington have spent a good 90 % of their time attending to requests, suggestions and outright orders, and commands issuing from Wall Street and its attendant structures. Virtually no time at all is spent dealing with the interests and the affairs of the American people.

But - not to " pick on " just the USA. The same inescapable train of events has taken place in a vast array of different countries, the whole World 'round', in Europe, in the Near East, in the Middle East, in Africa, in South America, countries such as Britain, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Norway, Sweden, Egypt. An endless list, really, all falling into very much the same category. The rich will always be able in effect to  "purchase " the government, and that thing they do with no great difficulty.  Best Wishes, J.S. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, June 7/23.

He's not far off the mark in that we only see 50 percent of the voting public vote in national elections and less than 20 percent in local elections.  That's how nimwits like AOC, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Adam Schiff, and SO many other liars, cheats and thieves prosper in Washington DC.

Who actually used their brains, common sense and critical thinking to cast a vote for Alzheimer's Disease victim Joe Biden?  Personally, I feel sorry for him in that he's totally unfit to carry out the duties of president. He is no longer in control of his mind.  He's lived a deceptive life. Why would anyone vote for "cackling" Kamala Harris…when they had Tulsi Gabbard and other fantastic women to support as to women who would actually handle becoming president?  Why would the public vote for John Fetterman as a U.S. Senator when he's totally incompetent?  Why vote for 90-year-old U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein who doesn't know what day it is…let alone the year?

Is there any way for America to pull out of this sociological, multicultural, immigration invasion, debt and a hundred other unsolved problems?  Is the writer from Canada correct?

Refer to the late Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm's speech: How to Destroy America: The Eight Ways.  It's on the internet.  If you can't find it, write me and I'll send you a copy.  Yes, we are in DEEP trouble.


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