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What the Mexican Border Invasion Means on Memorial Day 2023

This 2023 Memorial Day, all Americans need to be more than a little uneasy.  We're celebrating our veterans from 1776 right up to 2023. We're celebrating our 50 states, our 339 million citizens, our freedom, our right to choose our own paths toward happiness, our Bill of Rights, our U.S. Constitution, our freedom to participate in the greatest Republic ever created in the world.

Why are many of us "uneasy"?  Simple answer: everything every man and woman fought and died for from Valley Forge, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq—is quickly vanishing as our country no longer enjoys a sovereign border.  We're being invaded by an unarmed army of illegal alien border jumpers.  They're pouring over the border by the millions.  They're being invited by Joe Biden and/or his handlers. Congress continues to sit on its thumbs doing nothing to stop the invasion.

Whatever the outcome, it won't be kind, gentle or peaceful.

Writer Christopher Brunet wrote about the "Taco Truck Delusion."  

Sure, they come to take the jobs that Americans won't work.  What most Americans don't understand if they haven't traveled to Mexico, (I have extensively), is that Mexico, Central America, and South America are failed regions. People are starving, dying, suffering…but they won't do anything to save themselves.  They flee to the USA. Understand that those regions south of us are bastions where  "corruption is a mechanism by which third world countries operate."

We're paying for it with tens of thousands of drug overdose deaths.  We're paying for their babies. We're paying for their kids' education and medical care.  We're paying for their rapes, shoplifting, car jackings, smash & grab crimes.  Ultimately, we're going to pay the ultimate price of losing our entire culture, language and rule of law as a society.

Brunet said, "Five years ago, a 20-year-old college student in Iowa named Mollie Tibbetts vanished while jogging. Police soon found her decomposing body in a cornfield, stabbed to death. A 24-year-old illegal farmhand from Mexico was convicted for the murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole...

"Mollie's father went out of his way to deny any racial angle to the murder, famously maintaining that Hispanics are "Iowans with better food." Mollie's father fell for the taco truck meme, the belief that open borders will just mean more taco trucks and otherwise no major changes to the American quality of life.

"The problem with the taco truck meme is that it isn't true. I just spent six months living in Mexico. It's a failed state. The country is ranked number one in the OECD for child abuse, number one in the world for dead journalists, and number four in the world for murder. It is also ranked number three in the world for animal abuse.

"Walking down streets full of starving, chained-up dogs exposes one to a constant stream of psychic pain...

Travel blogger Jake Nomada affectionately refers to the "lack of common sense found in many areas throughout the region as "The Latin Hammer."

Writer Steve Sailer posits that Mexicans dislike safety precautions because "they sense that keeping their country perilous and shoddy will keep the gringos from swamping it."

Will Biden stop the invasion?  Hell no!  That man is a walking cadaver.  His legacy will be the most disastrous since the leader of Sweden invited over a half-million Muslims into that country.  Where there was virtually no crime, no rapes, no violence in Sweden 20 years ago----one in four women can expect to be raped in their lives by immigrants.  Schools are trashed. Buildings are bombed.  Swedes are afraid to walk down the city streets where Muslims now dominate. It is a multicultural nightmare of Africans and Muslims. Sweden will never regain itself. 

Neither will we!  This invasion has gotten SO far out of hand, we're not going to be able to bring our country back to order.  Look at the unbelievable breakdown of our cities!

While Trump succeeded in multiple ways to stem the invasion, his personality has caused the greatest rift ever in our nation.  If he should become president again, I'm afraid he would fracture our country still further.  I'd rather see Ron DeSantis, Marianne Williamson, Tulsi Gabbard, Gov. Chris Sununu, even Tim Scott become president because they offer a more moderate but firm touch in the public domain. God help us if Biden gets in for another four years. He would most certainly suffer cancer, a stroke or a heart attack.  Then, we would get "her."  Oh my God in heaven! 

Running for president, Governor Ron DeSantis said, "American decline is not inevitable—it is a choice. And we should choose a new direction—a path that will lead to American revitalization. I am running for president of the United States to lead our great American comeback." 

"He quickly shifted to the border, where drugs and illegal aliens are pouring into the country. He emphasized that crime is hollowing out American cities and that woke indoctrination is ruining our schools. He offered a platform of strong borders and law and order to challenge the chaos that the radical left has inflicted upon Americans with impunity since Biden reached the White House."

This Memorial Day, I am proud that my grandfather Jesse Ward Johnson fought in WWI. My U.S. Marine father Howard Wooldridge fought in WWII. I served in the Army during Vietnam.  My brother John Wooldridge served in Iraq both the Army and Air Force during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.  

Every man and women who served in the Armed Forces…did not serve to see a walking cadaver like Joe Biden destroy our country by allowing this invasion.  He needs to be impeached and sent to an assisted living home.  If his wife keeps him staggering forward with props and unknown drugs into another four more years, please God, I beg you to use sensible American voters to send that skeleton of a politician into permanent retirement.

God bless America!


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