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Anti-American Media Terrorists: Reid, Lemon, Sheila Jackson Lee, Whoopi Goldberg

As you enter 2023 with your hopes held high for a good year for you and your family, you can't help but wonder how we're going to survive the continuous attacks on the "character" of the United States by what might be termed, "media terrorists."  

They sling pejorative names, degrade our finest, and rant about racism, xenophobia, white nationalism.  Much like Black Lives Matter or Antifa anarchists, those media terrorists fail to bring solutions to the table other than slander, vilification and worse.  You see it daily on that vacuous show, "The View."   You see it with every word spoken by Joy Reid on MSNBC.  You see it every time Al Sharpton, one of the biggest con artists in history, visits a tragedy (in his private jet) so he can sink his teeth into that tragedy…to blame all of white America.

In the past week, U.S. House Member Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) introduced a bill that basically says that every white American is a white supremist,  racist and prejudiced.  Amazingly,  she's been so long in Congress without having accomplished anything for her poverty-stricken constituents, that you might see mildew and mold growing on her torso.  She's THAT antiquated.  In fact, if you look at videos of her speaking in Congress over those 30 years, nothing but loathing anger toward white Americans.

"Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has introduced a House Bill to criminalize "conspiracy to commit white supremacy," which includes any criticism of non-white people that influences (such as something published or said online) someone who commits a hate crime," conservative pundit Ian Miles Cheong tweeted.

"What we are speaking about is of course the words 'white nationalism' and 'white supremacy.' For it is clear the FBI makes a direct point between dehumanizing and derogatory comments which come from white nationalists and white supremacists to the idea that it generates, as you have heard here on the floor of the House. It generates the death of Dr. Martin Luther King. It generates Charlottesville. It generates Charleston, SC. It generates hateful acts that result in death," she charged.

In reality, Sheila Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters have done nothing for their constituents in their respective states for over 30 years.  In Waters' district in California, there are 70,000 homeless while she lives in a mansion.

Then you see black, gay Don Lemon berating white men as the terrorists in America. 

"CNN host Don Lemon is under fire after a disturbing, on-air rant in which he declared that "white men" are the biggest terror threat to the United States, noted that "there is no white-guy ban" and wondered aloud, "what do we do about that?"  

"Lemon's latest spurt of acid is a most unusual plea for national unity. 'We have to stop demonizing people,' and then, just two words later, a blast of divisiveness worthy of a machete," Murdock said. "Painting with a roller rather than a mere broad brush, Lemon slams millions of his fellow Americans. He does not say they are wrong, mistaken, or misinformed. Rather, they are a 'terror threat.'"  (Source: CNN) 

If he lived in Saudi Arabia, they would toss him off a building for being "gay" because it's against the holy Quran.

African-American Whoopi Goldberg, (real name Karen Johnson), blasts white America at every juncture on  "The View."  Yet, she's a multi-millionaire because white audiences paid to see her movies.

Out in California, top black leaders call for reparations to the tune of over $200,000,000,000.00 to individuals at over $5,000,000 per African-American.  Except one glaring reality: California was never a slave state.

As to Al Sharpton, he's got to be the biggest con man since Paul Newman in the movie,  "The Sting."  He owes millions in back taxes, but because he's black, the feds won't touch him. If they did, the BLM would move on and burn any city it chooses.

Aren't you, as an American, getting sick with all this verbal crap?  Let's face it, the vast majority of black, white, brown and other Americans go about their daily life…working, dining, playing, concerts, sports,  families, and hobbies.

Isn't it ironic that in the past 24 months, over 6.1 million people,  mostly of color, violated America's borders,  JUST to live in America?  Do you understand that another 2.0 million people of color moved here legally as invited immigrants?  Why do you think they moved to such a "white nationalist…white supremist…racist and evil terrorist-filled nation?"  

At some point, we need all the black billionaires,  millionaires, wealthy sports stars, rich entertainers, movie stars and black leaders across the board to stand up and be proud to be an American.  If they don't, we're seeing those "media terrorists" turning kids and adults against their own country.  If you get enough of them, you get Chicago, Detroit, NYC, Miami, LA,  St.  Louis, New Orleans, San Francisco, Denver…and on and on…shootings, killings, mayhem, stealing, drugs, gangs and chaos.

In the end, you don't see anyone of color or otherwise immigrating to Africa, China, Mexico, India or any other failed country.  Wouldn't it be better for all Americans to be proud of the one country on this planet that gives its citizens the ability to be educated, live, work, thrive, pursue happiness, enjoy health, sports, and live their dreams?