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Good News, Bad News from the Crisis

Good news:  Trump has finally become statesmanlike and stopped his personal insults and juvenile tweeting.  Bad news:  Congress is still grandstanding and spewing rancor.

Good news:  The Fed is doing what it can to stop a collapse of the financial system.  Bad news:  The gargantuan bill will be paid by future generations.

Good news:  Companies and individuals mired in debt will be bailed out to save the financial system.  Bad news:  Many of them had become indebted as a result of irresponsible, shortsighted decisions and will be rescued once again by those who did the opposite.  More bad news:  As in the past, there will be no learning in this.

Good news:  The presidential primaries are no longer in the news.  Bad news:  When the primaries are back in the news, voters will face the same awful choices.

Good news:  People are learning what's important in life.  Bad news:  People have short memories.

Good news:  Virtue signaling, hypocrisy and double standards have stopped about global warming, diversity and social justice.  There is no bad news in this development.

Good news:  Gas prices have fallen.  Bad news:  Our phony ally Saudi Arabia, where the 9/11 terrorists came from, is intentionally putting American frackers out of business. 

Good news:  Maybe we'll stop propping up bad regimes and having our soldiers die in lost causes overseas.  Bad news:  Maybe we won't stop.

Mixed news:  The world order is changing before our eyes.  Some Americans will see it as good news that the USA will probably retreat to domestic issues, some will see it as bad news, and others will despair and have a psychological crisis over the USA losing power and influence in world affairs to China, as their entire self-esteem is dependent on the nation being the top dog.

Personal good news:  My family is healthy and close, we have plenty to eat and plenty of toilet paper, we're not suffering financially like many other Americans, and the glorious spring in Tucson is full of the fragrance of orange blossoms, purple lantana and sweet acacia, while cardinals are feeding at the bird feeder and hummingbirds at the hummingbird feeder.  Bad news:  We've lost a big chunk of our lifetime savings in the stock market casino.

Good news over my life:  I didn't die as an artillery officer in Vietnam, and I survived having no vacations for six years due to being in the Army Reserves and having to go to monthly drills and two-week summer camps.  I also survived the recession of the early 1970s; the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973; the corresponding tripling of oil prices; the stagflation that followed the embargo; the 11.2% mortgage rate in 1979; the recession of 1987; the housing bubble and bust of the 1980s; the savings and loan crisis that started in 1980, that lasted about a decade, and that resulted in a $132 billion loss to taxpayers; the recession that followed 9/11; and the financial crisis of 2008.

Bad news over my life:  Being a slow learner, I didn't learn from the above events and continued gambling in the stock market casino.