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Media spin on Serena losing US Open?

Almost everything today has racial and gender overtones, including sports.  So how will the media spin what happened at the US Open this afternoon?

The facts are:  1) that Japanese player Naomi Osaka won against African-American Serena Williams, and in my opinion outplayed Serena and deserved to win; and 2) a white umpire (actually Hispanic) penalized Serena for her coach supposedly signaling her, and then penalized her again for throwing her racket on the court and later for calling the umpire a thief.  She was penalized a point and then a game.

The optics aren't good, especially for those who don't understand tennis.  A white guy treating a black woman unfairly, so that a Japanese won.  On top of that, the talking heads will undoubtedly say that a male player would never have been penalized for temper tantrums. 

I'll throw class into the volatile mix.  I was struck by the hoity-toity female executive from the deep-pocketed sponsor JP Morgan playing a major role in the award ceremony.  She was so Upper East Side.  Right out of central casting for a ruler of the universe, er, New York banker. 


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