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Excerpts from Inspector General Report

I'm speed-reading the inspector general report.  Pasted below are excerpts of instant messages between FBI agents.  Putting aside the political implications, it's astonishing that FBI agents, or employees of any large organization, would engage in such a conversation on company time, using company computer media. If they had been my employees when I was in corporate life, I would have put them on probation or fired them.  Of course, it's perfectly natural that government employees, out of self-interest, would favor big-government candidates versus an outsider, whether or not the outsider had oafish manners and was a buffoon.

10:39:49, Agent 1: "I find anyone who enjoys [this job] an absolute fucking idiot. If you dont think so, ask them one more question. Who are you voting for? I guarantee you it will be Donald Drumpf."

10:40:13, Agent 5: "i forgot about drumpf…"

10:40:27, Agent 5: "that's so sad and pathetic if they want to vote for him."

10:40:43, Agent 5: "someone who can't answer a question"

10:40:51, Agent 5: "someone who can't be professional for even a second"

On September 9, 2016, Agent 1 and Agent 5 exchanged the following instant messages.

08:56:43, Agent 5: "i'm trying to think of a 'would i rather' instead of spending time with those people"

08:56:54, Agent 1: "stick your tongue in a fan??"

08:56:58, Agent 5: "i would rather have brunch with trump"

08:57:03, Agent 1: "ha"

08:57:15, Agent 1: "french toast with drumpf"

08:57:19, Agent 5: "i would rather have brunch with trump and a bunch of his supporters like the ones from ohio that are retarded"

08:57:23, Agent 5: ":)"

Agent 5 told the OIG these instant messages "referenced TV programming and commentary that Agent 1 and Agent 5 had recently viewed together." Agent 5 continued, "The reference was not a general statement about a particular part of the country, rather it was in jest and pertained to individuals' inability to articulate any reason why they so strongly favored one candidate over another." 413

On Election Day on November 8, 2016, Agent 1 and Agent 5 exchanged the following instant messages.

14:21:10, Agent 1: "You think HRC is gonna win right? You think we should get nails and some boards in case she doesnt"

14:21:56, Agent 5: "she better win… otherwise i'm gonna be walking around with both of my guns."

14:22:05, Agent 5: "and likely quitting on the spot"

14:28:43, Agent 1: "You should know;….."

14:28:45, Agent 1: "that"

14:28:50, Agent 1: "I'm….."

14:28:56, Agent 1: "with her."

14:28:58, Agent 1: "ooooooooooooooooooo"

14:29:02, Agent 1: "show me the money"

14:29:03, Agent 5: "<:o)"

14:29:14, Agent 5: "screw you trump"

14:19:18, Agent 5: "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

14:29:32, Agent 5: "go baby, go! let's give her Virginia"

14:30:03, Agent 1: "not to my country. You just cant get up and try to appeal to all the worst things in humans and fool my country…."

14:30:12, Agent 1: "Just 49% of us….."

14:30:25, Agent 5: "let's hope it's 49% or less…"

14:30:31, Agent 5: "we'll find out…"