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The Asian Skunks at the Diversity Party


Asians have done it again. 

Once again, they've debunked the diversity dogma that prevails at universities and elsewhere, including the canard that minorities are held back because of white privilege, which is itself a canard.

How have Asians done this? 

By achieving success as a racial minority, a minority that had faced as much, if not more, discrimination in the country's past than other minority groups, including  such white minorities as my "wop" and "dago" peasant forebears, other impoverished southern European immigrants, dirt-poor Scots-Irish Appalachians, and, of course, Jews.

How have Asians achieved success? 

Before answering, let me issue a trigger warning to Bolsheviks-in-training on college campuses.

 Warning:  Reading what follows will make your head explode and splatter its contents of anti-intellectual goo on innocent bystanders.  

Now for the answer:  Asians have succeeded by embracing bourgeois values.

Quick, call the campus police department. Explosions can be heard on the quadrangle, and students are running around in a panic, covered by a disgusting goo.

What bourgeois values have Asians embraced?  They have stayed married and raised their offspring in two-parent families, made sure that their kids excelled in school, saved money, worked long hours to climb the socioeconomic ladder, and bought real estate in the suburbs or city (see Vancouver, Seattle and San Francisco). 

The "Asian" label includes those from the subcontinent of India, who have not only started tech businesses in Silicon Valley but also bought motels across the fruited plain, including in redneck parts of the country, where dark-skinned Hindus in traditional garb are the tiniest of tiny minorities.  It's also where so-called privileged whites live in squalor and in an opioid stupor, without the industriousness and wherewithal to succeed in the motel business, due to losing their bourgeois values in the popular culture, or more accurately, the debased culture.

Meanwhile, as a result of their old-fashioned bourgeois values, Asians have risen to the top in household income.

You probably missed the latest statistics on this, because the media and academia purposely downplayed the significance of Asians making it to the top.   Here are the stats:

Median Household Income

Asian:  $81,431

Hispanic:  $47,675

Non-Hispanic White:  $$65,041

Black:  $39,490

Asians also are at the top in the percentage of two-parent families, with 84% of Asian children living with both parents.  By contrast, only 28% of blacks live in two-parent families. 

The link between two-parent families and high household income is neither a coincidence nor a random correlation.  It is causation.   

Perhaps you've heard about the two professors who had the audacity to break from the anti-intellectual campus herd and write a scholarly paper on the benefits of 1950s-style bourgeois values.  They've been attacked mercilessly by herds of raging campus Bolsheviks, who have accused them of being insensitive to minorities by embracing white values, particularly the values of the 1950s, which were rife with racism, sexism and homophobia.  Universities have responded by doubling down on diversity indoctrination.

Actually, universities have continued one of the biggest cover-ups in history.  The cover-up has its roots in the 1970s, when radicals and flower children from the previous decade began rising through the faculty ranks of universities, to eventually become department heads, a position that enabled them to spread their Marxist ideology throughout academia and to younger generations.  At the same time, just as blacks were starting to recover from the horrible legacies of slavery, Jim Crow and redlining, the same leftists set back black progress by spreading the notion that bourgeois values were not the answer for blacks (and other minorities)—and that instead, state paternalism, state welfare, and state parenting were the answer.

The success of Asians shows how wrong the intelligentsia were—which explains why they downplay Asian success and refuse to admit that it is largely due to bourgeois values.

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