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Government employee takes the missus on shooting spree

I watch the San Bernadino shooting case with only passing interest.  I do know based upon past experience only one thing for certain: I will never know what actually happened or why.  And the official government narrative finally produced will contain more holes in it than a colander. 

This is because at best the government(s) collude to produce the "truth" that least hurts them. The truth that makes them look their best.  That helps them and their causes the most.  And the government press does the same in reporting.

We may never know if this is a false flag, a terrorist event or a embittered family.  But we will know eventually the government's story.  Maybe multiple versions of that story.

It was originally reported there were three attackers.  I am sure a third one can be added if pressed.  Whether alive or dead may be being debated as I type.

All I suspect from what I have heard is a disgruntled government employee left a holiday party sponsored by his place of employment, and returned shortly with his wife to hose down his fellow government employees before an hour later being machine gunned themselves by other government employees less than a mile away in their apparently barely moving getaway SUV on an open freeway.

Government guy killing government guys being then killed by government guys is not terrorism.  Terrorists kill civilian targets uninvolved in any matters of importance to the terrorists. Guerrillas kill government guys and their supporters for cause.  Disgruntled employees kill their bosses, fellow employees and hated customers for cause. 

I don't much care how much radicalization Mork & Mindy--or whatever their names were--had.  I am still struggling with the government's propaganda that ISIS targets a minute county environmental service gathering for its first non-FBI sponsored attack on Amerika.  No, I think a disgruntled employee killed a bunch of co-workers.  Only this time it wasn't a postal worker.  And fortuitously it was a Muslim.

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste.  And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." - Rahm Emanuel, former Whitehouse Chief of Staff under the current usurper in Chief

So we understand Washington's motive in controlling the narrative:  Fear, control and justification.  So I have some questions as to yet unburied truths.  No government building I have been in does not have a myriad of video cameras throughout the parking lots and entrances and inside their buildings.  Are you storing those videos safely like right next to the 911 Pentagon videos?  I'd hate to see the raw footage leak from any of those cameras actually showing the perpetrators of this slaughter.  So be sure to pass out some appropriate fuzzy still frames to the ever slavering corporate press showing the perps.

A freeway chase and shootout.  How about the freeway camera footage all along the freeway when the SUV entered the freeway, and when the first cop car detected and pursued the SUV?  Please assure me that video has been secured before some punk can get and post it on YouTube?  Do you have any footage from those cameras showing the couple being shot or shooting? 

With a mass shooting you would think the media had skilled well equipped helicopters already in the air quickly picking up on the high speed chase in California famous for its freeway chases.  Any footage of the actual gunfire, and subsequent handcuffing of the now dead government employee and wife inside the van, before the cop cars were replaced with staged Homeland Security APCs could be detrimental to the story needing to be spun.  I trust your corporate media shills are cooperating?

How about all that police dept. radio audio reporting the before and after?  Carefully guarded right?  That always meaningless call for an ambulance for the dead suspects after the shooting scene was cleared and the SWAT boys arrived is not going to be played on that irritating Ben Swann next week is it?

And what was up with those reporters entering the "suspects" rental home?  Christ they were showing live raw footage of the inside everywhere.  Displaying papers and ID cards---some not even belonging to the suspects for gods sake!  I wonder what those ID's were doing there?  Do you have any idea how hard that is to explain since documents and computer equipment is the very first thing investigators box up for analysis?  Clearly no one in authority had yet been there or even sealed the residence off.  It really hurts the story of "dismantled computers" and "pipe bombs found in the garage" when the news media shows none of that.

So you had better get a handle on this.  Have Obama give his third address to the nation in seven years or something to get the narrative back on track.  Or this might just turn out to be a disgruntled government employee rather than ISIS triumphantly destroying the government infrastructure one county environmental services party at a time.