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Joke of the day: Reagan had conviction, and Trump cares about working stiffs

I had to stick my head out of the car window and let my tongue flop around in the wind like a bloodhound, with spittle spraying down the side of the car.

A caller on the radio compared Obama's speech yesterday on terrorism to Reagan's speeches.  He said that Obama doesn't have the conviction Reagan did.

Hahahaha!  What a howler!

I'm currently reading The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan.  As with other biographical histories on Reagan, it details the Gipper's lifetime of hypocrisy, flip-flops, zigzags from left to right and right to left like the random walk of a drunken sailor, and his terrible personal life that was the antithesis of his public image of a family man and counter to his pretension of family values that he used to snooker Christian conservatives.

Last week, Mike Broomhead, the host of a local talk-radio show and sometime substitute for Glenn Beck, stunk up my car so much with bullcrap about Reagan that I couldn't get the stench out of the car with Fabreeze, Glade, Odor Eaters, or those deodorizer mirror hangers shaped like pine trees.  He said that Reagan would have immediately done something about ISIS and Iran.

Really?  Like what he did when a terrorist bomb killed 241 American soldiers at the Marine barracks in Lebanon?  If you recall, he launched a full-scale beach landing and military assault.  Oh, wait, that was against the military power of Grenada, not Lebanon.  That's right:  He withdrew from Lebanon. 

Then there was the Iran-Contra scandal, in which arms were supplied to Iran, which was embargoed at the time, supposedly as a necessary payoff to free the American hostages.  Imagine the blabbing on talk radio if Obama were to do something like that.

Reagan had been an actor; Obama, a community organizer.  The difference shows. The former could make bullcrap smell like roses; the latter could make roses smell like bullcrap, if he had any roses.

By the way, the book mentioned the long forgotten machine-gunning to death of the US ambassador to Cyprus during the Ford administration, when Henry Kissinger was Secretary of State.  Kissinger and the CIA stonewalled to keep the facts from coming out.  History would later repeat itself with Benghazi.

Now let's turn to flimflam man Donald Trump, the supposed savior of the forgotten white working class.  Below is a link to an 80-minute documentary on the Thumper.  Don't watch it in a confined space, or you'll be overcome by the fumes from the Thumper's dirty dealings over the years, including his self-promotion, his positive spin on his business failings, his getting into bed with sleazy politicians, his use of government coercion to get what he wanted, and his ad hominem attacks against critics in order to silence them. 

In one scene on a TV set, Thumper backs his chair away from an interviewer and says, "You have bad breath." 

Funny guy, eh?  I wonder if he engages in other juvenile acts, like mooning people he doesn't like from his limo or lighting his flatulence on fire as college fraternity guys do.  (You won't be able to get that image out of your head.)

Anyway, here is the link:

Donald Trump - What's The Deal? ( FULL Documentary) - YouTube

Or this:


Sigh, the human condition.  Like chimps, we have to choose between one chest-thumping blowhard silverback or another.  Or like goombas we have to choose between one Mafia Don or another to protect us and share stolen loot with us.  It's understandable that white working stiffs, who have no one to speak for them, would fall for an actor or a flimflam man.  Sadly, they're going to get screwed once again.    

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