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A Life Without Vaccines

During early November NBC News ran a very interesting article profiling a woman named Martha Ann Lillard. Martha has spent the past sixty five years in an iron lung respirator as a result of contracting polio at the age of five. She is now sixty five and was very saddened to hear of a resurgence of polio in Syria despite the disease having been considered eradicated in 1999. If my mother would have had the opportunity to give me the vaccine, she would have done that, Lillard said, To let somebody go through what I went through and what other children went through. What if people had to do that again? It would be just unbelievable.

According to the NBC News report, the last polio outbreak was in 1979. But because of the growing number of unvaccinated people in places like the Middle East it is raising concerns that polio could come back resulting in the panic that came along with it. With this being said, the panic that resulted from the polio epidemic deserves to be remembered. The PBS documentary The Polio Crusade gives stark examples of what life was like before the polio vaccine was created. The ease of people becoming infected with polio and the measures taken to prevent the disease from spreading were astounding. For example, one woman said she contracted it after swimming in a small lake not far from a relatives home. One boy who was infected and taken to the hospital had all of his personal belongings and books burned resulting from the fear of risk of infection due to casual contact. Some parents faced being ostracized if their kids became infected and once someone contracts polio paralysis it is for life.

I am also reminded of the influenza epidemic of 1918. While libertarians would probably cheer at the fact that the flu epidemic may have been the primary factor that contributed to the end of the First World War, the strain of flu that spread among the populace at the time was a virus that mutated into a deadlier form of influenza. The situation at the time became so bad one doctor stationed at Fort Devens outside of Boston was quoted as saying:

This epidemic started about four weeks ago, and has developed so rapidly that the camp is demoralized and all ordinary work is held up till it has passed....These men start with what appears to be an ordinary attack of LaGrippe or Influenza, and when brought to the Hosp. they very rapidly develop the most vicious type of Pneumonia that has ever been seen. Two hours after admission they have the Mahogany spots over the cheek bones, and a few hours later you can begin to see the Cyanosis extending from their ears and spreading all over the face, until it is hard to distinguish the coloured men from the white. It is only a matter of a few hours then until death comes, and it is simply a struggle for air until they suffocate. It is horrible. One can stand it to see one, two or twenty men die, but to see these poor devils dropping like flies sort of gets on your nerves. We have been averaging about 100 deaths per day, and still keeping it up. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a new mixed infection here, but what I don't know.

The Influenza outbreak of 1918 raises another important point in the vaccine debate. If there are little to no vaccines to stop the spread of viruses and people rely on their natural faculties instead, then it gives the virus the ability to mutate into something far more powerful and potentially deadlier than when it first started out. According to the History of Vaccines website:

Just as natural selection has shaped the evolution of humans, plants, and all living things on the planet, natural selection shapes viruses, too. Though viruses aren’t technically living – they need a host organism in order to reproduce – they are subject to evolutionary pressures.

The website goes on to say:

One way hosts protect themselves from a virus is to develop antibodies to it. Antibodies lock onto the outer surface proteins of a virus and prevent it from entering host cells. A virus that appears different from other viruses that have infected the host has an advantage: the host has no pre-existing immunity, in the form of antibodies, to that virus. Many viral adaptations involve changes to the virus’s outer surface.

The influenza virus that infested populations during 1918 is a prime example of this and that also includes noting the doctor's quote a few paragraphs up. If left unchecked, viruses can mutate into deadlier forms that can be even more lethal when they first started out. If enough people intentionally not vaccinate themselves they are potential hosts for a virus to mutate itself. The unvaccinated (knowingly or not) pose a risk not only to people who are unvaccinated but also those who are vaccinated as well.

Without vaccines people will live in constant fear of infection of not just polio but also diseases like hepatitis, different strains of influenza and pertussis. Martha Ann Lillard is one of a handful of people whose circumstances have resulted in her being condemned to life in an iron lung. Yet if vaccine skeptic groups are successful, the amount of polio victims who must live in iron lungs will grow. This will be the result of undermining public confidence in vaccines and traditional medicine in favor of snake oil remedies and pseudoscience. That also includes the mutations viruses can go through growing into stronger, deadlier strains and resulting in hundreds if not thousands of serious injuries or deaths of innocent lives. Consequently, people are quarantined in rooms maybe even whole buildings full of people suffering from sicknesses like influenza or polio. This while having to live their lives limited to iron lung respirators or being forcibly quarantined for having symptoms matching a list of diseases deemed harmful to the public.

With conspiracy theories flourishing in libertarian, environmentalist, and even Muslim culture it begs the question people who make up these collectives need to ask themselves. If they truly want the hell on Earth that will result should they succeed in stopping the confidence in and dissemination of vaccines among the populace which results in hindering scientific investigation. If so, are people active in these groups prepared to accept responsibility for the results of their actions when (not if) deaths and permanent injuries to people they claim to be helping occur?

With all of the above points in mind, consider that the polio outbreak in the Middle East is limited to three countries (Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan), respectfully. If refugees from any of these countries end up in Europe it could lead to an outbreak since the continent's vaccination rates are very low. Back in 2010 a Swiss citizen who had measles made her way to Arizona and initially infected up to fourteen people resulting in an outbreak. Imagine a similar situation where a deadlier strain of polio or some other virus comes about in Europe or the Middle East, infecting a host and then finding its way to the United States.

The bottom line is that people who refuse to vaccinate themselves, their children and urge their loved ones and friends to do so put the individual rights of themselves and others at risk. Short of health reasons, for someone to knowingly refuse to vaccinate themselves is the equivalent to not only a declaration of war against the life and liberty of another but to act as a leach on the health and welfare of those who do. This not only applies to the spread of vaccines but also the results of what has happened in the past before vaccines came about as an indication of our future without them.

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Comment by Ed Price
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"Also we darwinian selection against stupid" ???

When we compare the ideas of Darwinian selection against stupid, stupid proves itself to be way smarter.

There is NO Darwinian selection. There is only ultra complicated pre-programming of nature, programming that is so extremely complicated that it gives the appearance of randomness in many areas... not because there is randomness, but because nature is so extremely far more complicated than top-notch thinkers could ever be, that nature only APPEARS to be random to them.

A very strong evidence against natural, Darwinian, random selection, lies right at the basis of it all. Here it is.

Place an open container of water on a table. After a time, the water evaporates out of the container. The water disperses because or the tendency of all things to find equilibrium. All of nature is gradually headed in this direction - the direction of dispersal to equilibrium.

The smallest possible living cell would necessarily contain at least millions of atoms. To start the cell living, these millions of atoms would have to become aligned in forms of complicated molecules, all of them in exactly the right place, at exactly the same time, and then "kicked-started" into the motions and operations that would be considered life.

There is no known apparatus - or even imaginable apparatus - that could do this for even a single cell. In fact, the starting of a single cell of life is so opposite of the way that nature operates (dispersal towards equilibrium), that it is impossible to the extreme... at least with regard to anything that people are able to comprehend logically about nature.

The only option left for consideration is, there is a tremendously different and powerful kind of "Being," a Something that put this whole universe together, along the lines of building a tremendously complicated terrarium.

Say anything you want. Think anything you want. But there you have it. There is no other way. At least not within the confines of the thinking ability of man. Other than the above, there is only fabrication and lies.

To stay on topic, the above strongly suggests that the things in nature are way smarter than we are. Pain and death are generally what is injected directly into the blood stream by nature. And since the things of nature are way beyond us, we should follow nature for better health. Stop vaccinations. Find something else.

To stay on theme, it is the spreading of the lies that suggest that evolution is true, that are causing people to turn from the laws of nature and to go wild. It's all about politics and world domination.

Comment by Ken Sutter
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You bet Mike. I'll gladly take responsibility for a life without vaccinations. I've been doing so for 38 years now. My own kids were never vaccinated and the mothers to be that I gave truthful information to that DIDN'T get their children vaccinated all had healthy, active, alert, babies who grew up to be healthy, active, productive adults. No Autism, no SIDS, no ADHD or any of the other mental disorders so popular nowadays.

Have you ever seen a normal healthy baby turn Autistic overnight from the vaccinations? I have; twice. The baby screamed all night. The next day autistic. Two weeks old.

You should read my books Mike. The latest being "The Paradigm Shift in Health Care". You should also take a look at the text books, specifically Guytons Physiology. See what they say about the Immune system and how long it takes to get it up and running (About 5 years). If vaccinations were legitimate there would be laws prohibiting such until at least five years of age.

Do you realize what you are defending and indeed promoting? Over 100,000 people a year die of their properly prescribed and taken prescription drugs. Over 300,000 people dead per year from needless surgery and Doctor mistakes. The very same people that say vaccinations are legitimate are legally doing this to an uninformed public. 

And why are all the vaccine manufacturers out of business? Why does the Government pay off thousands of people every year whose kids were seriously injured by vaccinations? The government made it illegal to sue the manufacturer. Well, they were all sued out of business.

Take a look at the Horowitz lawsuit against the Rockefeller trust. Take a look at Ian Cranes excellent video on the Codex Alimentarious.

No Mike, you're defending genocide. I'd gladly take over public health if it were possible. 

Get to work, you've got some research to do. Unless of course you're a shill paid handsomely by the drug companies.     

Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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I am in favor of people not being forced to vaccinate their children, and choosing not to get vaccinated themselves.  Of course we need to change a few laws.   

Insurance companies will have the option of charging appropriate premiums for insurance for such families.   Hospital bills for treatment for diseases that could be prevented by vaccination will not be able to be discharged by bankruptcy.  If someone who could not be vaccinated for some medical reason is found to have been sickened by an unvaccinated person  that person shall be liable for the sickened persons bills.  Should that person die, or should die, then the responsible parties may be held responsible for some form of manslaughter.


Now we have personal responsibility in play.   Also we darwinian selection against stupid


Comment by Ed Price
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Let me add, that the times that nature injects things into the body are generally times when it is attempting to destroy. In fact, I know of no time that nature injects directly into the blood stream for the purpose of doing good. Consider bee stings, scorpion stings, spider bites where they inject venom, snakes, simple mosquito bites and horsefly bits where pathogens are injected accidentally. And there are multitudes of other kinds of natural injections that are harmful and certainly not beneficial.

Nature has been around a long time. If vaccines were good, nature - a thing that is a whole lot smarter than man - would have developed methods of injection for creating better health, rather than for destroying life.

Comment by Ed Price
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Take a look in the Bible Old Testament beginnings. Did the people who lived for hundreds of years use vaccines? Nobody know, right?

It seems that vaccination helps in some cases, at some times. But it also seems that it makes things worse at other times. The trick is to know when to use it and when not to.

Since it is very difficult to predict when vaccination will help and when it will make things worse, we should probably find something that operates a little closer to the way nature operates... something that can take the place of vaccines. After all, nature suggests by the way that it operates that injecting stuff into the body is contrary to the way nature is designed to work.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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I have done my research and I find it shocking that someone who claims to be a doctor accuses me of not having done so. The fact is if someone fails to vaccinate they put themselves and potentially others at risk. This being said, I am curious as to your responses to the questions I posed They are: 1) Do you truly want the hell on Earth that will occur should you succeed in stopping the confidence and dissemination among the populace that will result in hindering scientific investigation? 2) If so, are you prepared to accept the responsibilities of your actions when (not if) deaths and permanent injuries to the people you claim to be helping occur?

Comment by Ken Sutter
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Obviously you haven't done your research Mike. You aren't even close about vaccinations. This little piece is pure propaganda and I'm a bit disappointed they let you post it here on a supposedly "truth" web site. There's too many blatently false points you try to make to even consider a detailed reply.

My Father contracted Polio when he was a kid in the 30's. He went the "Natural Healing" way and lived a long and healthy life thereof.

I had liver cancer, I also went the "Natural Healing" way and am living a long and healthy life.  

Vaccinations kill thousands of people every year. If you had done any legitmate research at all you would have discovered that.

Google Jonas Salk, see what he had to say about his vacine "they" stole from him. Congressional hearings 1960.

Wake up Mike, you've been fed propaganda pure and simple.

Vaccinations kill, if not kill lead to major brain problems. Autism, ADHD, SID, and too many more to mention.

Legitimate research Mike NOT the propaganda you spread in this piece.