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Ron Paul: A Family and a Movement

          Last week, I penned an article called Obama: The Myth vs. The Man. It was Wednesday, and as I was adding the last lines, I hesitated to add a couple more paragraphs about the statesman I have supported since 2007, Ron Paul, and the idol worship I have seen growing around him. Ironically, on the eve of that very night, his son Rand infamously came out in support of Romney, a move that has left many of Ron’s supporters numb and furious. An avid researcher and resistant cynic, I believed that there was not much left that would shock me in the realm of politics, but when I heard about Rand’s remarks, I have to admit I was pretty surprised. It was not for long however, as my sentiment towards the Paul family has been gradually changing over the past two years.
Something I learned in the 2008 election is that all hope is not lost when your candidate loses an election. Many of my fellow Ron Paul supporters were devastated when he was unable to gain the support in the 2008 election, and with all the information we had vehemently accumulated some were intimidated and in despair about the state of the country. Some were convinced the world was going to end after Obama’s election, but we persevered and redoubled our efforts to educate our communities and incite change on the local level. Inspired by Ron Paul, many people I know got involved in local politics to affect change in our community. When this election cycle came around, we saw even more organization and fervor to get Ron Paul elected, and it was amazing to see how far the movement had come in the past few years.
A man inspired a movement that is now larger than him and his family. It has been said that standing armies cannot stop and idea whose time has come, and this holds true as I have been rejoicing over the awakening I have seen my friends and family---indeed the country---go through as they learn about true liberty. Liberty does not come by way of an individual, though. Like I said in my previous article about Obama, Ron Paul is just a man who is subject to the same shortfalls as all men. He is not here to save us; he cannot save us, for if I have learned anything since my awakening it is that we can depend on no human to “save” us from the clutches of tyranny. This applies to his family, as well. I have shared the suspicion of Rand Paul with fellow libertarians for some time, and we must apply the same rules to the Paul family as we do to other politicians---that they are not superheroes or Messiahs. Yes, getting involved in the liberty movement has opened my heart and mind to significant truths that I now live my life by, and the catalyst was getting involved with my local Ron Paul Meetup group. Becoming active has even further proven the point that relying on others to get us out of this situation is not the solution and only leads to more disappointment and heartache when those individuals we support sell out. It has even happened here in Pensacola with our little local water board! Everyone has their price, and can be bought. When we idolize a man above an idea we come dangerously close to worshipping him and losing the skepticism that may have lead us to him in the first place.
Instead of focusing on Rand Paul’s seeming betrayal, we should view this as an opportunity to put the principles of individualism and liberty into action. We do not need leaders to protect us and support us; we have the knowledge, technology, determination, and organization to take control of our own lives and our local communities. Do not be discouraged, for all is not lost. Rejoice in the fact that this whole system is a sham that is created to collapse, like we have been saying this whole time! You have been right in believing that politicians can be bought out, and the powers to be are bent on manipulating the playing field. They control economies, but they cannot control your soul, nor can they control the direction this revolution is going in.
The liberty movement is armed with knowledge and know-how, and there are exciting developments daily that are pushing us in the direction of freedom. What started with one man has morphed into a movement that has principled individuals working together and applying their knowledge to solutions in the realm of the economy. The concept and practice of silver bartering is especially promising as people prepare for an inevitable collapse. The people making up the movement are creative and innovative, and need support just like Ron Paul did. In fact, as I mentioned previously, relying on politicians or government to fix problems is antithetical to freedom! We must support those in our own movement who are putting forth the effort to create plans for after the collapse, and there are so many projects to become a part of. I will post some links to places where Ron Paul supporters can get involved because this movement is far from over, and I would wager to say the real work is just getting started. We have recognized the triumph of the human spirit in all of this chaos, and it is this fervor that will allow us to protect ourselves and families from state sanctioned thugs---whether in uniform or suit and tie.
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Comment by Bob Ross (47470)
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So, I have been drinking clean, raw milk for years now. Care to tell me more about how I am so sick from salmonella all the time, and how it's killing off everyone here in Pensacola, FL? Oh wait, it's not because as PureTrust eloquently puts, we have thousands of years of EVIDENCE backing our consumption of raw milk while you have decades of pasteurized milk drinking with no long term studies done, but coincidentally milk allergies are at an all time high. Also, if I do get sick from salmonella (never have, btw) then the last thing I will be doing is going out in public spreading my disease unless I find the time to remove myself from the toilet and deviously infect people.

Tell you what, you should get off those prescription drugs, start eating real food, and then maybe you could make more cohesive and factual arguments free from name calling and based on evidence, not speculation. None of the arguments against raw milk are backed by anything but emotion and ad hominem attacks, while our arguments have scientific and historical evidence to back them up.

Comment by David McElroy (1027)
Entered on:

Gee, it seems the many Vanderville aliases, AKA the "Avengers", still haven't taken the hint that we recognize the phony ignorant corporatist rants they so shrilly scream. They claim to be highly educated professionals while their lack of facts and juvenile behavior betrays them as middle school morons way out of their league here at Freedom's Phoenix.  Get an education, guys, and if you can't learn to love and respect independence and liberty, the state pen always has a cell. 

Comment by Ed Price (10621)
Entered on:

Bah! You jokers don't know what you are talking about. Healthy people have been around for thousands of years without epidemics and without modern food processing techniques.

Epidemics don't come from healthy people. They come from unhealthy people who don't use good hygiene in their lives.

If you want to see how to keep epidemics from happening, without all the medical, FDA hogwash, check out Jim Humble and his MMS at http://genesis2church.com/.

Modern medicine has a hard time preventing malaria in even healthy people. They have a very difficult time curing malaria. But Jim Humble is doing it with a form of activated BLEACH in a whole bunch of 3rd world countries that can't afford modern medicine. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bmKWfq9G3k.

Also, YouTube search on "Jim Humble MMS" and see how MMS is curing all kinds of diseases.

On one of its pages, Wikipedia says that bleach is dangerous to the stomach, eating away the stomach lining. Is this true? Yes, if you have too much bleach in the stomach. What do I mean? Regular hydrochloric acid, that is part of the natural digestive system in all mammals, is a bleach. Everybody who remembers what he was taught in biology class in school knows that the hydrochloric acid in the stomach both breaks up the foods that are eaten for further digestion, and kills off bacterias, viruses, and many parasites. However, too much of any good thing can be bad.

The ONLY reason that you need modern food processing techniques is for storing foods for long periods of time, for consumption later. Raw milk, and other raw foods, that are going to be consumed within a few days of harvest, need nothing more than standard refrigeration.

Most people in America, when they take food out of the refrigerator to be used in a meal - whether it is processed food or not - check it for odors that are associated with food gone bad. Tons of good food are tossed every day because some "cook" thought he detected a tainted-food odor. People who drink raw milk are even more careful.

We don't need Government or the FDA telling us how to run our lives. We don't need them making us paranoid when they really have little control. And all their nannying only serves to give average people a false confidence so that they are less careful on our own.

You jokers can be as paranoid as you like. Just be careful that you don't bite yourself in the back. You'll wind up in the funny farm. I don't really think you are there yet, but I have been wrong about you before, like when I thought you were all individuals rather than JV aliases.

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis (48343)
Entered on:

When Ron Paul advocates freedom to drink unpasteurized raw milk that carries disease that spreads epidemic and wipe out people,  this  is not freedom -- that is just DUMB-DUMB -- bimbo! 


Meghan Kinetic and UnpureTrust  hum Ron Paul’s  dumb-dumb song …  You can hum it yourself: Dumb … tedum, dumb-dumb, tedum-tedum, dumb, dum, du …DUMB. It;s fun, heh, heh, he, e ..


Comment by Ana Panot (45223)
Entered on:

 You are not listening -- you are either deaf or dumb. When you drink UNPASTEURIZED raw milk, bacterias known as Salmonella, E. Coli, and Listeria get into your system. You get the disease, and you spread an epidemic that kills other people before it knocks you out dead, dummy! People drink FDA-approved pasteurized milk -- no record in the world is showing that pasteurized milk spread an epidemic that knocked people dead, you moron. If pasteurized milk kills people as your stupidity points out, it would have been BANNED, just like unpasteurized raw milk is prohibited by law.  You can drink it and hide before the law catches you, but that does not change the fact that with it the bacterias will kill you and kill other people you contaminate! If this is still not clear to you then you are just a pestering insect in this website and chances are people might just swat you like a dirty, disease-carrying fly that drops on their food.



Comment by Ed Price (10621)
Entered on:

Now, now, panocha. The more you put pasteurized milk and processed foods into your body, the more you weaken your immune system so that you need medication to stay alive.

Some of us happen to desire a strong immune system, so we try not to eat processed foods any more than necessary. This saves us money that we might need to spend on medication, otherwise. Also, unprocessed foods taste better! And when we are not all medicated up all the time like you are, we are able to actually taste REAL food.

The best benefit we get is that our strong immune systems do not cause any epidemics. On the other hand, if you happen to miss any of your meds, you are the potential spreader of all kinds of disease, because your weakened immune system can't fight off disease without your meds.

In addition, once your immune system is so extremely weakened that the meds won't work any longer, you become a rotting, festering blob of disease carrying filth - like in those zombie, living-dead movies.

How do we know that this is true? Because the FDA says just the opposite. And anybody who takes a look at all the pain and death the FDA causes to people who follow what they say, can see that FDA is only out there to make money, and that they don't really care what happens to the people.

I take some of that back. The FDA wants to keep people just healthy enough so that they can go out and work on a job, so that they can buy more meds from the Medical, and the FDA can make more money.

You must be kinda close to that rotting, festering blob of disease carrying filth mentioned above. How can we tell? We can tell by all those stupid, idiotic comments that you post in the Freedom's Phoenix forum. Just to listen to you, we all can tell that your disease-ridden end is near.

Are we having fun, yet?

Comment by Ana Panot (45223)
Entered on:

"... it is our right to put whatever we want into our bodies without government telling us we can't as long as we aren't hurting anyone."  What is this crap you are talkiing about. When you put bacteria into your body and spread an epidemic -- as your stupid argument says that it is your right to do so -- you are not just hurting people -- you are killing them! Do you know how to read those comments below and understand what they mean?

Comment by Bob Ross (47470)
Entered on:

I had to jump in when I saw the raw milk comment. "Epidemic of disease of salmonella?" You're joking, right? Umm, it is our right to put whatever we want into our bodies without government telling us we can't as long as we aren't hurting anyone. Clean, raw milk is far better for you than the pus and blood filled hormone milk that they HAVE to pasteurize because it would be lethal if drank by itself. Raw milk farmers on the other hand, feed their cows healthy, natural diets (grass, what cows are supposed to eat) and the milk it better for those who don't tolerate dairy. You need to do the research on raw milk and realize that it is not the bogeyman the mainstream media makes it out to be, and your claims of epidemics are founded on sensationalized emotional responses and not proof.

I will continue to drink this delicious product because it is beneficial to my health. It has been three and a half years now, and I have never had any problems with raw milk. Not. Even. Once.

Comment by Ana Panot (45223)
Entered on:

 I must tell you Bayag that since yesterday, my day is ruined when those politicians kept on ringing my phone instructing me to vote this and that.  But when I read your comment just now, you made my day! He, he, heh ... you nailed him again! Keep it up, buddy.

Comment by Arty Choke (45454)
Entered on:

I just said that Ron Paul teaches his son and farmers how to violate laws. And here's why: His son, Sen. Rand Paul -- of all people --was detained in the airport for violating TSA law. Obviously, he learned it from his father who hated TSA.

Ron Paul taught famers how to violate FDA law by fooling them with a speech that it is their freedom to drink raw milk and spread the epidemic of the disease caused by Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria. He got TV’s undivided attention he obviously wanted. It does not matter to him if farmers die of the disease because they die in the name of freedom as "patriots".

Yeah, no person knows Ron Paul better than his son, Rand Paul. Thanks for saying this ... you my friend who just flew out of the cuckoo's nest!

Comment by Arty Choke (45454)
Entered on:

No, Ron Paul teaches his son nothing. He only teaches the impossible dream and how to violate the law where you became good at.  Keep talking. Keep dreaming. 

Keep talking "nonsense"! Good specimen for analytical therapy to determine to what degree you are screwed up 24/7. But the Eye watches you to see to it that you do not turn violent and hurt people!

Comment by Ed Price (10621)
Entered on:

Nobody knows Rand Paul better than his dad, Ron Paul.

All these years, Ron Paul has been trying to teach his son the value of freedom. And, all these years, Rand Paul has been resisting... even though he has been listening.

Finally, just when father thought that he had been reaching his son, when he thought hat the two of them together might bring freedom back to the land, there was the awful betrayal.

Nobody would ever have felt that Ron Paul was betraying the Empire. Why not? Because he has been acting the same way all his political life - decades. What we see, in this father son disagreement is "Et tu, Brute" being used by the Empire against freedom.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville (44376)
Entered on:

Nobody knows Ron Paul better than his son Rand Paul. When Rand endorsed Romney instead of his father, you still don't get the message he was trying to reach you? Your IQ may be lower than the level of swamps in Louisiana infested with crocodiles. Stop this lunacy of calling his father President Paul of the United States. Stop making a fool out of him. Release the old man from your "captivity". You already sold him to the public to raise fund that you pocketed. Commercializing this delusion of making him President of the United States is painful to Rand and the Paul family, especially to the old man who had turned gray, wanted to quit, retire and rest.  Give them a break!


Comment by ST PAUL (47862)
Entered on:

Rand Paul: Simply one more reminder that the patriotic-spirit is not hereditary.