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The Jones Plantation

I make lots of YouTube videos, in an effort to stick little seeds of thought into people's heads. Rarely do I clutter up FreedomsPhoenix talking about them. But this time, I think it's worth it. With the help of two co-conspirators (an illustrator and a narrator), I just finished and posted a video titled "The Jones Plantation." I hope everyone will circulate it around, to see how all their statist friends and family will react.
The trick is, the video just tells a story. The astute observer will instantly notice the parallels between the story and reality today, but the video doesn't bother pointing them out--except very indirectly at the end. So what can a devout statist complain about, after watching the video? "Well, fine, but that's not the situation we're in!" My response to that would be:
1) Who said it was? Maybe you assumed that was the point, because you noticed the similarities--in which case, there obviously are similarities.
2) If people want to explain the myriad of ways--or at least one--that our situation is fundamentally different than what is depicted in the video, then go for it! Let's hear it!
Either way, I'm sure it will be very interesting to see how the average American reacts to the video.  If, after seeing the video, you're curious how "normal" people will react to it, then by all means, spread it far and wide! Click on the image below to watch "The Jones Plantation":
By the way, for those of you who have been repeatedly frustrated trying to talk your devout statist friends into thinking about things for a change, it might help to point them to something like this, so you don't have to be the messenger they shoot. Let them shoot at me. I'm used to it.
Larken Rose

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Comment by Ed Price
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Awwww, brag. Got your ittie bittie feewings hurt, eh? Dat's okay. Run home to mama. she will make it all better.

Comment by Boston Releigh
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That's what I said, dunk head... lopehole. Your ex-convict Master discovered a lopehole in his head and used it to cheat IRS but it didn't work! IRS found him "loco" and threw him in jail. Take your medicine. It will help you focus on what you are saying.

Comment by Ed Price
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Hey, brag, watch those typos. It's supposed to be "lopehool," right?

A little rum in your coffee, once in awhile, is probably good for you. But too much is too much.

Comment by Boston Releigh
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This loco found a lopehole in his head and told the IRS that he should not pay taxes.  Well, in his garbage argument the IRS found Larken Rose loco and threw him in jail. In Spanish loco means insame. In the movie The Avenger, loco is Loki, the bastard evil that represents him and his enslaved serf.

Comment by Ed Price
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Now it is YOU, Ufactdirt, who are missing it. Have you ever read Mr. Rose's case from stat to finish? I bet not.

Imagine, for a moment, that in the process of paying your taxes, you found a loophole in the law that showed that you didn't owe any taxes at all. Let's say that it was right in the law, staring you in the face as you read it.

Of course, you wouldn't believe it the first time that you read it. So let's say that you did years of research, and found from your research that you were right, that there was a legal loophole that allowed you to pay no income taxes.

So, the next thing you did was to use the legal loophole with the IRS, demanding a full refund of any monies paid in, and showing them the legal reason why you need not pay more. Let's also say that the IRS disagreed with you and took you to court over the matter.

This is what happened to Mr. Rose. Innocent until proven guilty. And when he was proven guilty, he made amends. It was an honest mistake on the part of Mr. Rose, but is was a dishonest mistake on the part of the Government. What do I mean? Two points:

1. The Government totally sidestepped Mr. Rose's arguments in such a way that had Mr. Rose baffled as to how he could have lost his case;

2. The Government never told Mr. Rose (they never tell anyone) why he lost the case. They simply said that he did.

The answers to why almost everyone loses, can be found in Parts 8 and 9 at http://www.famguardian1.org/PublishedAuthors/Indiv/GouldDavid/DavidGould.htm. Should you or anyone else desire to stop paying income taxes legally, the answers are there.

In addition, the practical carrying out of the answers has been done for you by the folks at http://www.theamericanrepublic.com/. If you want to use the easy way to legally stop paying taxes, send your payment to the people at TheAmericaRepublic, and get your instructions for legally not paying income taxes.

This stuff isn't easy to figure out on your own. I commend Mr. Rose for the forthright and honest attempt that he made to do things legally. And it is a discredit to the United states Government that they would not even explain to Mr. Rose the reasons that he lost his case.

And, now, here comes Ufactdirt, continually condemning a brave man who tried the best he could to obey the law, but failed. And when he failed, he paid off his debt to society for the mistakes that he made. He is free and clear. It has all been resolved. So why do you keep condemning him like he is some kind of criminal? Your acts, Ufactdirt, are the criminal acts. Not Mr. Rose's. His debts to society have been paid. Yet you keep calling him a criminal when he is not! Such activity on your part amounts to unwarranted defamation of character, a criminal act on your part.

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
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Comment from Loki [Loko] a.k.a. PureTrust: "… the MOST dangerous threat to liberty is when people will not obey the law. Has Mr. Rose obeyed the law? Yes! He obeyed it by paying his time after he lost a battle regarding payment of taxes. And now, he is fighting corruption in Government as much as anyone who so fights."

Loki, now you know why we, The Avengers, kick your ass – you are not talking straight.

Your very sick, ex-convict Master that enslaved you landed in the calaboose precisely because he did NOT obey the law. He broke the law – he stole the Government’s money.

Oh, boy! Oh boy! You must really be so dumb, sad to say … no different from a hopeless nincompoop!

Besides, serving a prison term is NOT obeying the law, duh, duh…

It is punishment for breaking the law, imposed on the convicted thief or felon … duh. [Don’t forget that your Master Larken Rose was a thief of Government money, a tax cheat and a convicted felon.]

Another comment from Loki [Loco]: "If you are indeed an attorney in the United States, then you are an officer of the court, a part of the Government. So, it is no wonder that you feel threatened when Mr. Rose attempts to correct Government corruption."

Why in hell should an attorney feel threatened when someone "attempts to correct Government corruption"? Are you kidding me?

Besides, what Government corruption did your ex-convict Master attempt to correct?

On the contrary, he attempted to corrupt the Government when he refused to pay taxes …persuading the Government that he should not be required to pay taxes [tax evasion]. But the law did not allow him to corrupt the Government. In the meantime [in fact years] he used the tax money of the Government that he stole and kept to himself. Then he was caught, arrested, tried, convicted and was sent to prison. Why the heck you could not see that? You are even sicker than your ex-convict Master whose "mental illness" has been established by NIH as incurable!

See now how and why we, The Avengers, kick you in the ass? We will continue to do that until you straighten up … until we put your crooked mental composure back to order.

Comment by Ed Price
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Thanks again, Anonymous75, for helping me to show you where your mistake is. The title of your letter as you have listed it, "Most Dangerous Threat To Liberty Is The Threat To Kill And Destroy," shows that you do not understand what the whole thing is all about.

The most dangerous threat to liberty is NOT the threat to kill and destroy. There are at least 2 dangers that are more dangerous. The second is very obvious. It lies within the title of your letter. It's not the threat that is dangerous. It is the people listening to the idea of a threat that is dangerous. It's the people perceiving a threat when none exists.

You are the perfect example of how a threat is dangerous to liberty. How? Here's how. You perceive Larken Rose as a threat. It is obvious that you perceive him this way by the way you attack him all the time. Yet, he has never done anything definite or directly against you. He has never harmed you. Even if he made a mistake about paying taxes in the past, he has never really harmed YOU.

Since Mr. Rose never harmed you, the fact that you perceive him as a threat, is starting to be a danger to his liberty. Why? More and more you are attacking his good name with name-calling. More and more your attack tends to deny his freedom of speech and expression that is granted to him by the LAW.

In addition, your attacks (because you feel threatened) are overflowing against the freedom of expression that all Americans have. Your attacks attempt to destroy the freedoms that we ALL are granted by the 1st Amendment LAW. It is your false perception that Mr. Rose is a threat that is attempting to destroy the 1st Amendment, thereby harming liberty for us all.

But the MOST dangerous threat to liberty is when people will not obey the law. Has Mr. Rose obeyed the law? Yes! He obeyed it by paying his time after he lost a battle regarding payment of taxes. And now, he is fighting corruption in Government as much as anyone who so fights.

You, on the other hand, are attempting to break the law, by attempting to deny freedom of speech to Mr. Rose, when the 1st Amendment LAW says otherwise. If you are indeed an attorney in the United States, then you are an officer of the court, a part of the Government. So, it is no wonder that you feel threatened when Mr. Rose attempts to correct Government corruption.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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Instead of reading what Larken Rose is writing, you must read what I have written for your own protection. Go to the button "Letters to the Editor" of FP.com, click on "List of Letters", then click on "Most Dangerous Threat To Liberty Is The Threat To Kill And Destroy".

Here you will be warned how dangerous a psychopath Larken Rose is, due to his "mental illness". You will also read the report of the National Institute of Health I have quoted verbatim showing how he acquired this "mental illness". You will also begin to understand if you have not yet understood, that Larken Rose is no different from Jack the Ripper, the Unabomber, Timothy McVeigh, Charles Manson and Jared Loughner. All of them had already killed, in fact had shocked the nation of murders they have committed. Due to his mental compulsion to kill, Larken Rose is expected to leave his dark mark in history like those dangerous psychophats.

It is a citizen’s duty, to warn you and protect you … for national security, and for the safety of the American public.

Comment by Boston Releigh
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I wear pants and have a four-pack abs. If you think I wear skirt like Panocha, you have to settle this insult with me in the parking lot.

Stay focus. No one in his right mind can deny that Larken Rose's comment is becoming more paranoid, sardonic and derisive. He sees things that are not there, and says things that are not here [hallucination]. Angered, he could be doubly dangerous. Annonymous75 had already warned the public of this danger.

The public can easily see and decide who the talking sicko in this page is. Annonymous75 established the truth of Larken Rose's identity as an ex-convict, a tax cheat, and a thief in an attempt to steal the Government's tax money which he kept and used for some time before he was arrested and thrown to jail.

Annonymous75 has also presented proof that Larken Rose is a danger to the safety of Americans, and to national security, due to his "mental illness" that the National Institute of Health had described and publicly reported. He published his manic, homicidal depression, showing his uncontrollable desire to kill officials of the Government, and to shoot all cops dead! Don't take my word for it.You can see it for yourself. You have read what he wrote and published, yourself!

All of these have been recorded. This is the truth, nothing else but the truth. What Annonymous75 had said about Larken Rose is neither fabricated, nor presented without proof. We know that among others, Annonymous75 is an Attorney like me, and he knows very well what he is doing.

Compare this to what this psychopath is accusing Annonymous75 of -- all hallucinating hot air just coming from a delirious screwed up mind, without any record to back up.

He and his weeping elf who is coming to his rescue, can never deny all these recorded proofs of dangerous insanity and thievery.

The public is smart. Americans can see all these without any hesitation. No need for me to plead this case in the bar of public opinion.

Comment by Britany Jalospanis
Entered on:

Okay, let’s say we are the Avengers, and A-75 is our Captain – Captain America because he is BRILLIANT, and the only American in our group. We kick your ass because you are Loki, the ugly son of the underworld, a traitorous bastard [half-breed] who was adopted by King Odin who by adopting him embarrassed his son Thor. In your dream, you believed that you have the power of the Cosmic Cube that you can use to destroy America.


Seen this movie The Avengers? You think you can win? In this movie, see how we kicked your ass.  Here at Freedom Forum, the same way.  You think you can win against us? We will kick your ass some more … and send you back to another Planet where you came from … where your ugly, horrible-looking mother conceived you in mortal sin to do evil, like kill Americans and destroy the United States of America.


Visual … is the only communication you can understand. Also pain when our boots land on your behind. Brain … like that of humans? We didn’t see any. That’s why you are responding like a virus-infected computer.


Good work, A-75.  Keep going, Captain America. In Freedom Forum, save this country from Loki or Loco. We are marching behind you.



Comment by Larken Rose
Entered on:

PureTrust, if you haven't noticed this yet, ALL of the people who have posted comments so far--other than Bob, you and me--are the SAME psychotic, delusional, schizophrenic guy.  He does this under almost every article I publish here, using multiple pseudonyms to repeat the same lies, often using the exact same terminology, even the same typos and grammatical errors. (Notice that when he posted as "panocha," he refers to Anonymous75 in the third person, but then forgets what personality he's wearing, and complains of you wanting to "arrange a surprise date with [him].") And no, I don't think that any journalism awards have been given to someone who writes: "This is in defense of Annonymous75 that you insults with a grind of salt." Well, not in this country, anyway. One thing that hadn't occurred to me, that you figured out--and you're dead on--is that the guy isn't from this country. I just thought he was some American doofus trying (in vain) to sound educated, but you're right. It also makes his wild false assertions and obvious existential terror of real philosophical discussions more understandable. It's clear that he was raised somewhere where the ultimate sin--the most unthinkable act--is to disobey "authority." Even most American statists aren't THIS psychotic about it. Anyway, just wanted to know that you're being "ganged up on" by one person with split (unstable) personalities. Hilariously, when he did this under my last article, and I pointed it out, he wrote that he "seriously doubted" that he was the same person as others posting there. He DOUBTS it? Like, he's not entirely sure whether they're him or not? Holy smokes. And he calls me unstable.

Comment by Ed Price
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Hi, Ufactdirt, old friend. I love it when you get all emotional. It shows in your writing that you, like A-75 (even though he doesn't want to admit it) are a foreigner, as well. What country are you from? Some Middle East country? You're Muslim, right?

It seems that people around the world are learning American English quite well. What is your reason for wanting to destroy American freedom? Religious, right? Because most of America is Christian, right? Or are you paid by the media to do it, just as A-75 is? Or is your home government paying you?

Whatever your reason, I enjoy your self-illuminating comments.

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
Entered on:

 This is in defense of Annonymous75 that you insults with a grind of salt.  You are all "air", PureTrust. Show at least something, anything at all that Annonymous have, and you can be as wise and learned as he is. Right now, your "lecture" that nobody listens to, is just a foul wind that goes directly down the toilet.  You need Larken Rose to defend your lunacy. He is an "expert" in that area.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

As usual, thanks, Anonymous75, for all the help you are giving me. Responding to your comments would be difficult if you didn't help me so much. So, let me help you by suggesting that you re-educate yourself. Consider the following.

Your trust in your journalism awards has made you vulnerable to the inability to think on your own. Rather, you would trust the accolades that schools of journalism have placed upon you. But, are these accolades really deserved? Perhaps the schools, themselves, are schools of propaganda, that have ferreted out narrow-minded people to use as their unwitting puppets, to be used in attempts at leading average Americans astray through the media.

When you say something like, "Don’t you forget that again and again," where in the world did you get such English from? This is not at all standard American English writing or speaking. It may convey some sort of meaning, but the meaning is unclear, mostly designed to create an emotional response in the reader, rather than a logical instruction to do something. So, in this instance, journalism has been used to manipulate, emotionally, rather than instruct logically. Manipulation of someone is the attempt to control him. Its use for control, rather than instruction, is slave-making, rather than freedom-upholding.

Thank you for explaining to the FP readers what American journalism has become.

Next, regarding your words, "As I have pounded over and over again in your rather unusually hard extraterrestrial skull... ," when in the world did you get into my skull so that you could do some pounding around in there? Journalistic English says that the word "into" is more or less obsolete. However, if you had used it rather than "in," you wouldn't have sounded so much like you had climbed into my skull somewhere along the line, and were pounding around in there. You're funny, and all your training and accolades makes it even more humorous.

Thank you, again, for explaining to the FP readers what American journalism has become.

Congratulations on your seven brilliant children. But consider. Firm educational training in something, also blocks ones ability to step out of the training at points where the training is inaccurate. In other words, everything that a person learns in school had better be 100% accurate, because if it isn't, it will be difficult for him to retrain himself in the correction, once he finds out that something he has learned is incorrect. You seem to be a perfect example of this.

Give it up, will you? It pains me to see you harming yourself with all those vicious name-calling comments. The few people who don't, yet, understand that name-calling is a last resort - something done when there is no logical response left - are fast waking up to that fact. Don't you have anything logical to say... something that doesn't include a bunch of name-calling? You are always trying to provoke an emotional response in folks, and it is working. They are chuckling - maybe laughing out loud - maybe even rolling around with laughter.

In a way, I agree with you. If a person can't enjoy himself/herself, what else is there, right? I mean, all life revolves around the pursuit of happiness and pleasantness and enjoyment, right. So, if it doesn't bother you that your comments are a bit absurd, and that many of them are self-degrading for you in the eyes of other people, and if you gain joy and pleasure from writing them, by all means, continue. This way a whole lot of people can get a laugh at the same time you are feeling good about yourself. What more could anyone ask for?

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
Entered on:

 A winged Loco?

I understand what PureTrust’s loyalty to sick terrorists like Larken Rose, mean. They both hated the Government, and they are bound together by the use of profane language. But to raise an issue in the use of the English language against a holder of a Ph.D. like Annonymous75 knocks me off … drops me down to the floor. Unless of course the one who is raising it is really a strange winged loco that just flew out of the cuckoo nest. And I assure you that I know what a dirty language is anytime I read one.

Comment by Ana Panot
Entered on:

The comments describing mentally-disturbed Larken Rose like "hate, schizophrenic, sick mind, mental disease, freak, hallucinating mind, dangerous terrorist, fringe lunacy" and a whole lot more", were all factual and therefore PROPER and APPROPRIATE. I found those words in several reports released by the National Institute of Health describing anti-Government terrorists afflicted with "mental illness".

On the other hand, the vicious comment against Annonymous75 made by PureTrust about Larken Rose’s dog: "did his dog leak [sic] on your flowers or something?" is DIRTY and INAPPROPRIATE. This proves that it is PureTrust who has a poor command of the English language. He said "leak" when his dirty mind meant "lick".

This made me lose respect of this guy who wanted to arrange a surprise date with me. To regain my respect, first he should go back to school to learn English, second, to learn how to write what’s in his mind, in correct English.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
Entered on:

PureTrust, let me educate you one more time so that once again you may know: I came to America like your ancestors did and earned several Excellence Awards in Journalism.

By the way, the practice of Journalism in America is written in the English language. Don’t you forget that again and again.

What have you to show to prove that you know how to speak the English language?

As I have pounded over and over again in your rather unusually hard extraterrestrial skull, I am totally different from you. I was born to brilliant, scholarly and patriotic ancestors, before I found out that America is the best country in the world to live and raise a family. I have seven children who did not look for job when they first worked after graduating from American universities. THEY WERE ALL IN THE DEAN’S LIST … and graduated with honors no less than Magna Cum Laude. Corporations competed to get them first, even before they graduated. America is proud to have them. What about you? What have we Americans to thank for?

I will tell you what: Unlike my ancestors, your ancestors brought you here in America from another planet purposely to destroy the Government of the United States. All your comments of hate were directed against the Government – the Government that saved you from the wrath of mentally sick terrorists like your kind -- Larken Rose, Timothy McVeigh, and others. Review the history of all your comments in Freedom Forum. If you can find a single word -- just a single damn word that praised the Government for all what it has done to you -- I will retract my words that you are not a mad ingrate.

The Planet where you came from does not even use any human language at all, much more the English language. To communicate, you only growl, like wild beasts. You show this when you attack the Government. Larken Rose might have tutored you how speak the English language – like "kill all officials in the Government, and shoot all cops dead!" That’s the first language you learned in English. That’s the mother tongue of all craps that are now coming out from your mouth.

The more you make comments that are not earth-bound [crappy and senseless], the more you will know that you are from another Planet.

Dirty comments coming from you like Larken Rose kissing your flowers, is not dirty to you because in the planet where you came from, you live by it and eat with it. It is only momentum here on Earth that you have yet to learn how to control.

You said "the ONLY reason we have the freedoms we do, is because of people like … Mr. Rose and Ron Paul standing up …" Yeah … in the case of Ron Paul, the freedom to drink raw milk, and spread Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria in an epidemic that kill people. In the case of Larken Rose, the freedom to steal the Government’s tax money, to "kill government officials, and shoot all cops dead!"

You must be really very sick more than what I already knew.

God bless America!

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Gee, Anonymous75, most people who comment in this forum, do so infrequently. You, on the other hand, comment quite often. In many of your comments (and in many of the comments of those who seem to be sympathizers of yours) you speak of hatred way more than anyone else does. Since you dwell on that subject so much, how can you be pure? If you were pure, you wouldn't know enough about hatred to dwell on it all the time like that.

Now, look at your statement "Getting dirty does not make a dull brain look smart." Most of the time, the greatest amount of dirtiness comes from your constant use of words and phrases like "hate, schizophrenic, sick mind, mental disease, freak, hallucinating mind, hanged by the neck in a nearby tree, dangerous terrorist, fringe lunacy" and a whole lot more. People need only peruse your comments, and the comments of your compatriots, to find this out for themselves.

I applaud you for the fact that you have learned the English language as well as you have. Whatever country you are from, it is obvious from your English, that it is a country that has a completely different language as its base. But why, in your free usage of the English language, are you so constantly attempting to destroy the freedom that we have in America?

Notice your #6 in your comment, below. "Samuel was badly punished [whipped to death] for standing up against John, the omnipotent owner of the Plantation." All of Samuel's standing up was in question form. None of it was violence. All of it was allowed by Mr. Smith. Samuel did not go beyond his two minutes. The violence came from Mr. Smith when he had Samuel whipped.

If we didn't have freedom of speech in America, how could we have truthful elections? Any politician can parrot words. It is only a person of statesman quality that can bring important meaning to words, statesmen like Samuel and Mr. Rose.

Throughout all your speaking and commenting, you show that you would rather be a slave to the mandates of a Government gone wild, than a free person who would freely keep and use the fruits of the labors of his own hands... to be used in support of family and friends, rather than to be stolen by a Government who continually uses it to become wilder than before.

You are way off base, out of touch of reality, in most of your comments in this forum. And the reason is understandable. In America you have all kinds of freedoms that were denied to you in whatever country you came from. The thing that you don't seem to understand is that the ONLY reason we have the freedoms we do, is because of people like Samuel and Mr. Rose and Ron Paul standing up and speaking against the corruption in Government.

You really need to wake up so that you don't lose the freedoms you have gained here in America.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
Entered on:

PureTrust, try again. Who knows, next time you may get it right. Getting dirty does not make a dull brain look smart. Use another cover. You must know that I am incapable of hateful emotion. You cannot hate a very sick person like Larken Rose ... you can only have pity and sympathy.  I am only a pure brain matter in pointing out to the public [warn the public] that Larken Rose is a mentally disturbed terrorist who wants to murder government officials and shoot cops dead -- this is borne out of record. I have no personal interest in exposing him as a dangerous terrorist. The word "terrorist" is not even mine -- the National Institute of Health use this term in describing dangerous "terrorists" with "mental illness", which actually applies in Rose's case. You can never be like me even though how much you try, because your logic is but a left-over of hate.  It has never stood up erect much more correct, as far as I know because you let your consciousness or awareness travels only in a single -- rather than dimensional -- straight line. If this is deep -- or too much for you -- call me to schedule a free session.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Now, now, Anonymous75. Such talk about Mr. Rose and his entertaining video. Good thing the things of reality aren't quite like the Plantation in the video. Why? Because you would be Mr. Rose's whipping man if they were. I mean, everybody can see that, just by looking at your hateful words aimed at Mr. Rose. What, did his dog leak on your flowers or something?


Comment by Bertha Anonimo
Entered on:


A gross DISTORTION of reality!

This planted video is a gross distortion of reality coming from a schizophrenic con artist by the name of Larken Rose in a foolish attempt to deceive you. The slavery of black workers in the Plantation is presented to represent what he believes is also "slavery" in our present society under a Government viewed in the video as the ruthless Mr. John, "owner" of the Plantation.

I will show you the gross distortions of reality presented in this video by a very sick mind.

1. Reality in our present world: We are never for a moment, "slaves". We have choices. We are free to choose to work or not. In our real world, those who could no longer work, still live and have their dignity respected by others. In this video, Larken Rose’s fantasy is that the workers MUST work for Mr. John, the Plantation owner, because they have no other choice -- or else get the whip. Since Rose hated the Government that in his video John represents, he is trying to spread his mental disease to you that you too like him must hate the Government "deep in the marrow of your bones", to borrow a phrase. By the way, what happened to the American Dream? In Rose’s evil video, blacks have no chance for a better life. Look … Obama is black and he is President of the United States! See how Rose’s distant fantasy is so far removed from reality. This freak is suffering what the National Institute of Health described as a certain kind of "mental illness".

2. Notice very carefully how Rose played the following characters in his self-scripted video fantasy: John, the Plantation owner that runs the System represents the Government. That’s a gross distortion. In the real world, the Government is the people that own the Plantation and run the System. In his hallucinating mind, the owner of the Plantation should have been the workers [representing the people or the population] – but this is reality that never occurs in his sick mind when he hallucinates.

3. In his crooked view of the world seen in this video, John and his cousin made the rules of the System that the workers MUST obey. That’s not true in the real world – the people [represented by the Plantation workers] made the laws, rules and regulations through the Legislature and the Executive Departments of the Government … never by a Mr. John.

4. In his fantasy, Rose implies that he resents the fact that worker Charles was whipped for breaking the rules [stealing cotton]. In Rose’s badly damaged anarchist mind, to do what you want is being free … including stealing or murder [in his badly written piece "when to shoot a cop", he wanted somebody to shoot a cop dead, for him because as a congenital coward, he has no balls to do it himself].

5. John was replaced by his cousin in running the Plantation projecting a semblance of Democracy that leadership could be changed anytime. But who replaced that leadership – John himself. That’s sick. In the real world, the people [in the video should have been the workers] changes the national leadership through the electoral process. Nothing of that sort was happening in the "Plantation" that Rose himself cooked up, and ate it too.

6. Samuel was badly punished [whipped to death] for standing up against John, the omnipotent owner of the Plantation. In the video Rose pictures himself as Samuel who stood up against the System, and ostracized for doing so. He shouldn’t be just ostracized – he should be hanged by the neck in a nearby tree. Samuel just protested against the way the System in the Plantation was run. Larken Rose was more than just a protester – he urged the American public to kill officials in the Government, and to shoot cops dead for arresting him as a tax felon, and for throwing him in jail for stealing money that belongs to the Government [for tax evasion and/or a tax cheat].

At the end of the video, the viewing public is solicited to buy his book "Most Dangerous Superstition". If anyone who buys Rose’s "Superstitions" harms, or injures someone, or commits murder because of the contents of the published materials the sale of which he gets profits, this ex-convict could be re-arrested and recommitted to jail as a dangerous terrorist. There are existing Court cases that may be cited to support his next arrest. And I am sure this would soon take place, not that long from now … and you can count on it!

Comment by Bob Podolsky
Entered on:

Bravo, Larken!!This video is  a superb dramatization of the "Smart Business Argument" that I wrote more than ten years ago - part of an article on "Why Taxation Is Slavery". You can read ithere.

Keep up the good work!

Bob Podolsky