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"The King's Chapel, And The King's Court"

"The King's Chapel, And The King's Court" By Chuck Baldwin November 10, 2011 A couple of weeks ago, I brought a Sunday message, which was taken from the Old Testament Book of Amos, chapter 7, verse 13, entitled, "The King's Chapel, And The King's Court." In this chapter, the chief priest of Bethel, a man named Amaziah, scolded the prophet Amos for delivering an unpopular message against the kingdom of Jeroboam. In delivering his rebuke, he told Amos that neither he nor his message was welcome in Bethel, because "it is the king's chapel, and it is the king's court." I cannot think of a passage of Scripture that is more relevant to what is happening in the United States of America today than this passage in the Book of Amos.
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I was reminded of this Biblical story again as I read the news report that a US judge has thrown out a suit brought against the Transportation Security Administration by former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. According to Paul Joseph Watson at InfoWars.com, "Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura said he would now refer to the country of his birth as the 'Fascist States of America' after a judge dismissed his case challenging airport pat downs, adding that his only recourse now would be to run for President.
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Comment by Gimmel Yod
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I can see the appeal behind the "Ron Paul / Jesse Ventura" presidential ticket ...

It WOULD work.