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A Farewell from Fascists

Well, the day before I'll be hitting the road to head to Libertopia, a half dozen federal fascists showed up at my house to wish me a happy journey.

Well, not quite.

Driving down the road toward our house, Tessa and I observed half a dozen jackbooted swine--in their usual blue flack jackets with "POLICE" written on them--milling about on the road. I didn't know if it was about me or not, but I decided to casually drive past, to at least go get a camera before coming back. (Yes, I committed the sin of driving in the USSA without a camera handy. Shame on me.) However, the jackboots obviously recognized me, and since our house is right on the corner, we had to stop at the traffic light. A fascist came up to each front window and knocked. I rolled down my window just a bit, and a gray-haired, veteran fascist informed me that I was not being arrested. That's nice. Instead, there were "tax matters" that some other federal pig wanted to discuss. Only when he was right there could I read the Treasury logo on his state mercenary uniform. I asked if they were all IRS, and they were, except one local cop, standing off to the side.

I said I had no interest in talking to them, and then the veteran jackboot handed me a card, which I recognized as the card of Kerry Martin, the local IRS extortionist crook who has been trying to rob me for a while, based on something the IRS completely made up. (It's not even anything exciting; just a bogus claim about "subcontractor" versus "employee" status.) So these half dozen jackboots were there to "ask" me to have a talk about "tax matters." I said, "No, thanks." Well, I delivered that basic message, but using rather more colorful verbiage, which I won't repeat here.

Now, this story will be familiar to a lot of you, since it's routine federal Gestapo tactics. Just like the private Mafia, the IRS often uses impromptu visits by armed goons to harass and terrorize people, in an effort to help with the IRS' extortion efforts. What made this example a little strange is that these jackboots were there to tell me that I needed to meet with the IRS, after I had spent years asking to meet with them about their bogus allegations, and after they had spent a couple years ignoring my requests.

What they really wanted was for me to talk to them off the record, with a bunch of fascists standing around, instead of in an office and on the record. I told them I don't deal with them on the phone, or in person unless there is a recorder running. As always, I told them whatever they want, they have to do it by mail, because I know those fascist bastards constantly lie through their teeth when they're not on the record (and I said so). He asked me, if the IRS sent me a letter setting a time for a meeting, would I be there the next day? Nope. Not only won't I be around, but I need to give them 30 days notice, under 26 USC 7521, that I will be recording the meeting. He seemed to run out of stupid things to say, and knew he couldn't "demand" anything. He also seemed a little taken aback when I told him I wanted a meeting, and had been requesting one for years. So their huffing and puffing sort of fizzled into a great big nothing.

I thought that was that, but then something rather interesting happened. Out of the blue, the veteran fascist commented about the fact that I've posted things on my web site talking about killing cops. For anyone who doesn't know, here is what he was talking about:


I "informed" the guy that he was a Nazi bastard, and asked for his badge number. After I asked a couple times, he said "1161." (Is that even enough digits for an IRS CID badge number?) I got out my cell phone, to make a recording. I asked for his name, and suddenly he looked a little troubled, and walked away quickly without answering me. I yelled again, asking him for his name. Suddenly none of them wanted to talk to me. I shouted to the local cop, to ask him if he knew the head IRS goon's name, since he had obviously just tried to intimidate and harass me for something I said on a web site. The local cop said to take it up with the IRS.

My wife and I drove around the block (we couldn't back up), and when we got back to our driveway, the fascists had cleared out. Well, there was one who had parked farther up the street. I waved goodbye to him--with one finger--as he drove past.

In case anyone is wondering why the jackboot suddenly got quiet, and decided to leave, it has to do with that pesky First Amendment. "Legally" speaking (as if that matters), not only can't "government" jackboots openly punish someone for speaking his mind, but they're not supposed to do anything that might have a "chilling effect" on people speaking their minds. Like, for example, having half a dozen thugs show up at someone's house to "discuss" something he wrote on a web site. Whether it's worth the effort of a "1983" (section of law, not year) lawsuit, I'll have to consider.

Well, as you can tell by this message, their little "visit" didn't make me decide to shut up. In fact, it gave me something to write about today. So thanks, you brain-dead, extortionist terrorist Nazi bastards!

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Comment by Sarah Funk
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 So funny, I met the Genuardi's Soup Nazi with your wife the same day as your facist encounter. I ate soup standing up. Yes. I forgot there was a place to eat whilst sitting in Genardis, so I found an empty bread shelf and ate standing up. They do that in New York you know, where I lived for fifteen years. It's crowded everywhere, you eat wherever you can find a little spot. Then Tessa found me and we even SAT DOWN for ten minutes to finish our food. A plain clothed detective (or so it can be assumed, unless he was carrying one of those toy silver badges) flashed me (with his badge, nothing else; although that would have made it a whole lot more fun for me) and demanded to know if I had a receipt for the soup I just ate. I looked at Tessa and said "Are you kidding?". He made me go back into the store and he talked to the girl who not ten minutes earlier had sold me the soup to which I replied "I don't need the receipt". And she remembered me! Go figure. An hour later I thought of some fitting responses I could have thrown back at him, such as "See my ass? Watch it go", or "Don't you know who I am? I'm the third district court judge you idiot". But as usual, I am not quick on the draw. I need time to mull over how to not be victimized by controlling, power-hungry facists.

Comment by Aaron Nonya
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A few years ago, I told an IRS agent (on the phone) that I would pay whatever he asked, so long as he didn't mind it was in lead at 750 fps or faster.  He called the sheriff and told him I'd threatened a federal officer.   The sheriff came over and we had a beer and laughed about my response to the IRS thug. 

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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My prayers are with  you and your family Larken, this sounded too much like a GordonKahl  stop to me.

Thank you sir for your service...


Comment by Morpheus Titania
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Larken You rock.  Lately though I never make any statements of any kind,  I do my best to kill them with kindness while I ask a bunch of questions.  I generally make them say they will commit violence upon my body before I will comply.  But I do by best to be NICE.  These folks enjoy seeing people being rattled so I don't do them the pleasure.   Plus when I let them know its nothing personal they are just operating in a criminal capacity.  I like to say "what will you do to me if I do not do what you ask?"  Well we will arrest you and take you to the station.  Then I say "ok I accept your offer to comply based on your threat of violence."  This is just to keep the record straight.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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"On the day before I'll be hitting the road for Libertopia,...."

Are you walking?!  ;-) 

Comment by Lou Hahn
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Larken is one of the most realistic thinkers of our time.

NEVER kiss Nazi ass.

Comment by Greg Diaz
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Larken, You're my hero man!! I'm dealing with the fascists known as the irs as well… Marc Stevens has been helping me out… We've recorded every conversation with them, including every f**k**g lie and contradiction they've muttered out, AND there have been quite a few… Not that it matters to them, but they don't have a flippin' case...

Comment by Ken Wells
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WAY TO GO!   America needs a MILLION more folks just like you that understand AND stand up for their rights.    If there WERE that many that didn't let the 'authorities' get away with their illegal deeds, then maybe things would be quite different in our country.


Comment by kyl fradenburgh
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I wish we were neighbors, cuz we'd get along so well.