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The time to help Israel is now! Calling all patriots.

We have given and taken a lot of heat lately over Freedoms Phoenix's coverage of the Israel - Palestine (Mid East) conflict.  Controversy is a good thing.

But just as we have in the past taken heat for our opposition to war...any war by avid couch potato warriors who remain gung-ho patriots right up until you point out that there is a desperate manpower shortage in the military and the call for volunteers has gone out and hey, you qualify.  Amazing how many of those sunshine patriots, those support our troops, those demagogic enthusiastic advocates of aerial bombardment, assassination and torture had better things to do with their lives than risk them taking orders in some hostile environment far away from home.

Well here is your second opportunity!

To all of Israel's supporters, defenders and sunshine patriots; Israel needs your help.  Sign up to help defend Israel.  Put your butt where your mouth is right away.  That is correct Israel needs Americans to join their Army

Try not to collide with one another while you eagerly line up for some front-line action raiding homes, bulldozing schools, shooting mothers, blocking commerce, starving and depriving children, bombing factories and just all around having a good time suppressing the indigenous  people.  Be sure to volunteer your kids too. 
And keep complaining about Freedom's Phoenix.

[For a second point of view....]

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Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Wasnt that interesting anyway no need to read it

Comment by Die Daily
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Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Hey DD why am I carcinogenic now?

Comment by Die Daily
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@Eric New: now we have discovered how to express ourselves while at the same time not feeding the troll. Unless it's been compressed into a simplistic, dichotomous sound-byte, we can assume that Confounded Patriot will self-sensor. Good to know.

@Carcinogenic Patriot: don't worry about reading the explanation I gave in response to your asking me to, I'll just give you the sound byte: "We luuuuuuuuuuuuv you; don't change a thing. Leave the changing to us. You are like the change-free control group in the medical study. S'all good."

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Why must you guys write so much in the comments section its really boring I just got through DD's crap and now I come back here and see almost a whole page of nonsense. Im going to read that too since it says something about DDs response to the warmongers of which I am obviously part since I was the one being addressed

Comment by Freed Radical
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Mike--You need to convert to Judaism and sign up for the IDF.  There are still plenty of terrrrrrrrrrists left for you to kill.


Comment by Freed Radical
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Brilliant response to the warmongers, Die Daily! Here is an interesting passage I first found on the brilliant 1971 Funkadelic album "Maggot Brain."

"Fear is at the root of man's destruction of himself. Without
Fear there is no blame. Without blame there is no conflict. Without
conflict there is no destruction.

But there is Fear: deep within the core of every human being it
lurks like a monster, dark and intangible. Its outward effects are
unmistakeable. Its source is hidden.

It can be seen on one level in furtive embarrassment, argumenta-
tive protest, social veneer and miserable isolation. It can be seen
on another level in the mammoth build-up of war machines in every
corner of the world. It can be seen in the fantasy world of escapism
known as entertainment. It can be seen in the squalor of ghettos and the pretentious elegance of "civilized" society. It can be seen in the desperate ratrace of commerce and industry, the sensational slanderings of the press, the constant back-biting of the political arena, and the lost world of the helpless junkie who has passed beyond the point of no return.

The tight-lipped suppression of the rigid moralist reflects it,
as does the violent protest of the anarchist. But more starkly and
tragically than anywhere else, it manifests in the pale grey shadow
of the ordinary person, whose fear clamps down on all his instincts
and traps him in the narrow confines of the socially accepted norm.
Afraid either to step down into the darkness of his lower self or to
rise up into the light of his higher self, he hangs suspended in bet-
ween, stultified into an alien pattern of nothingness.

But to a greater or lesser degree, and manifesting one way or
another, all human beings are afraid. And some of us are so afraid
that we dare not show our fear. Sometimes we dare not even know
our fear. For Fear itself is a terrifying concept to behold.

We may confess to being afraid of violence and pain, and even
ghosts; and with such obvious terrors, pigeonhole our fear to our
own satisfaction. But fear of people, fear of ourselves, fear of
failure, fear of loss, fear of our closest friends, fear of isolation,
fear of contact, fear of loneliness, fear of involvement, fear of
rejection, fear of commitment, fear of sickness, fear of deprivation,
fear of intensity, fear of inadequacy, fear of emotion, fear of GOD,
fear of knowledge, fear of death, fear of responsibility, fear of sin,
fear of virtue, fear of guilt, fear of punishment, fear of damnation,
fear of the consequences of our actions, and fear of our own fear?
How many of us recognize the presence in ourselves of these?

And if some of us recognize some of them, are we prepared to
see the full extent of them? Do we know just how afraid we are?
And do we know the effect that our fear has on our lives? Do we
know how completely we are governed by our fear?

And do we know that the world is governed by the sum total of
every human being's fear, and ours is not excluded?

And do we know that wars and rumors of wars mount up in an
ascending spiral of violence and potential violence, as the fear in
the hearts of men intensifies? Do we know that strife of every kind
increases as hatred, resentment, jealousy and prejudice increase,
and that all these stem from one thing only: Fear?

And do we know that one thing only ensures the escalation of
the spiral of violence and destruction: our own unwillingness to
recognize the full extent of our fear and its effects - our fear of

For each and every one of us, as long as he is afraid, and unwill-
ing to see with full clarity his fear for what it is, contributes to
the crippling conflict that has become the hallmark of this world of
ours. And as long as there IS fear, together with unwillingness to
see it clearly and completely, as long as human beings are afraid
and also fail to recognize the fact in their need to isolate them-
selves, in their outbursts of anger and irritation, in their embar-
rassment, in their sense of failure, in their feelings of resentment
and frustration, in their desire for revenge, in their guilt, in their
confusion, in their uncertainty, in their disappointment, in their
anxiety about the future and their wish to forget the past, in their
need to blame others and justify themselves, in their sense of help-
lessness and despair, in their revulsion and disgust, in their need to
be vicious and spiteful, in their lack of confidence, in their ten-
dency to boast and protest their superiority, in their failure to
respond, in their sense of inadequacy, in their feelings of envy, in
their futility, in their misery and in their scorn; as long as human
beings fail to see THEIR fear reflected in these and a hundred other
manifestations of Fear, then they will fail to see their part in the
relentless tide of hatred and violence, destruction and devastation,
that sweeps the earth. And the tide will not ebb until all is

Process Number Five on Fear - Church of the Final Judgement

Comment by Ed Price
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We all know that way down deep we all want to be mercenaries. So, let's go and have fun! 

By the way, what language do they speak over there... or doesn't it matter? 

If I join Israel's military, will I really have joined the U.S. military? Or just the U.N.'s? Or is everybody in the U.S. military in both of those others already anyway? 


Comment by Kalyn Nagel
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Why help someome that hurts me? 

Comment by TL Winslow
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A study of history awards Jerusalem and environs hands-down to the Jews not Arabs. See why with the Historyscoper's Jerusalem Historyscope at:


Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Yeah I did say that but I did not think you would types so damn much if you could summarize that or something or I might read it later, I guess

Comment by Die Daily
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Lol, did you not ask: "Now I would like to know what it is I have done to "help" your cause because if im helping in any way im doing something wrong and must fix that". Amusing.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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I'm getting a 'mixed message' here Powell - is the intent to get 'patriots' to convert to Judaism in order for them to be able to go over and fight for Israel?  If not, then I believe a more genuine headline would have been:

 The time to help Israel is now! Calling all Jewish patriots.

or is this akin to the actions of a bee exterminator poking a hive with a stick even though he desires not the honey...?

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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@Die Daily


Comment by Die Daily
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@Cornered Patriot: Here's why you're so valuable around here. It would be entirely insufficient for us to sit around and agree about the self-evident truths that we can’t help but agree about. We would be without context, without audience, caught up in a mode of adiabatic expansion that could only and culminate in our rapid dissolution. Were it not for you, everything that we are would simply vanish into the unresisting void. You are not the opposite of us, you are merely the absence of us just as darkness is not the opposite of light, but merely the absence of light. If there were no you, there could be no us, for there would be no need for us. The only thing we really need (in so far as we struggle and fight as we do) is to be needed. And that’s where you come in.

Enlightenment is a term that is devoid of meaning unless and until it is counterposed with opposite and complimentary terms such as darkness, ignorance, illiteracy, barbarism. It is thus that we derive some of our fundamental purpose and meaning from you. Your instinctual primitivism, your somewhat mindless obedience to vestigial directives borne of eon upon eon of brutal, reactionary violence, the prospect of your salvation, these are both our carrot and our goad. These provide us with the very framework and foundation upon which we can build and exist in the context in which you know us. We're like antibodies in this aspect of our lives. But for the existence of infection, illness, dysfunction, we do not want or need to exist in any of the capacities with which we interact with the likes of you. We would merely adventure among our gardens, cultivating, nurturing, standing back, awestruck.

In stark and burlesque contrast, you live in a dark, dualistic world of "us versus them" and for as long as that remains the case, so we elect to do as well. To fight you, for that is your pleasure and your right. We will not be free, entirely, until you are too. Certainly we will not be left alone! Therefore, everything about this site is about you and for you. Even as we pummel you in your ignorance, alas, ultimately we stand humbly at your service, your beck and call. We are a by-product of your dark dreams. We are the blow-back of your primeval ways. We match you. It's all about you. All of this is about you, and for you. Should you ever become capable of seeing this, be that in these present moments or perhaps not until the moments of your death, it will no longer even be the case. Nothing I’ve said will then apply. Nothing. I hope to see you in that meadow. We’ll laugh about all this.

If you truly wish to oppose us you will have to become something other than what you presently are, something more sophisticated, more modern, more balanced, more like us; however, in so doing, you’ll become one of us. Barring that, you can only build us up from the outside, whether you choose that outcome or defy it, whether you like it or not, whether you realize it or not. After all, you are the one manifesting the need. And here we are. When that need is gone, we'll be gone, because we’ll have so many better things to do. In the mean time, we will fight you as brothers do, and you will fight us as animals do. This is all as it must be.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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@Die Daily

My initials are all that matter I will leave your getting my name wrong alone because of that.

I did not know I was a people I thought I was either a person or a monster but it turns out im a people thanks for clearing that up.

Now I would like to know what it is I have done to "help" your cause because if im helping in any way im doing something wrong and must fix that

Comment by Die Daily
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@confused patriot: even the Zionists, despite their best efforts, can't make ALL the Jews look bad. Nobody can. People are people are people. Even you're a people too. In fact, I just luuuuuuuuuuuuv you. We need a guy like you around here. You might not realize it, bro, but you've done more to help our cause than you can ever imagine.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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@Chip Saunders

Oh I could tell you why this was written,

Its all a conspiracy by the libertarian media to make ALL Jews look bad, now that they got tired of "Zionist bashing" they have decided to go after all the Jews they can and Israel is a good target for them.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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 Mike is right, in that there is nothing new about this ongoing recruitment of Jews from around the globe. Many jewish families here in the U.S. withold inheritances or annuities from their children until they serve in the IDF. This is a praactice as old as the nation of Israel itself.

Frankly, I don't know why the story was even written. It must have been a slow news day.

Comment by Found Zero
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As chief of the AZ Ambivalent Police I kinda wanded to go but there seemed to be a lot of downsides so I'm making a list of positives and negatives. In the meantime I can always just start issuing citations to all those who are decicive.

Comment by Die Daily
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Mike, if you need to get over there to help out, we will understand. If you don't, we will not. Money is no object if you can't afford your ticket. Also, we can arrange for another Zionist to keep you armchair nice and warm in your absence.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Is this for true?

Oh if only I was Jewish then I could go fight for them instead of funneling money and weaponry to them under the pseudonym of "Ernest Handock" A name I completely made up you can tell its not the name of anyone you know the letters dont match up :o)

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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I question the accuracy of this article. As near as I can tell, Israel has ALWAYS allowed for outside recruits to join them and I gather that Israel is not, as the article implies, "desperate" since they are requiring recruits to be Jewish.

If Israel was truly desperate then they would be recruting for anyone and everyone to join them.

Perhaps the best outcome of this will not only Israel have more troops to kick ass in Gaza and against Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, but by this act alone (hopefully) it will help undermine the country's conscrption of Israeli citizens upon reaching the age of 18. :-)

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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KVC's is the only comment??? Where are the 'patriots'?

Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Don't scare me like that, Powell! ;-) Here I was thinking you'd gone stark raving bonkers! 


Wiping my brow,