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What is Tough? Ego don't hurt yourself.

       One big lie about phoenix is the toughness of its judges, police, bureacrats, etc. I have studied psychology a great deal and I can say that toughness is an ever illusive quality for the vast majority of people in general here in Phoenix. The vast majority is desperate to appear tough and believe that acting like assholes is what being tough is all about. Of course they couldn't be more wrong.
      Toughness is tied to strength, its that inner strength to deal with what the world throws at you. It is NOT the abuse of power, it is NOT control and domination of others, It IS power over yourself and your responses to any situation.
      Trully tough people are guys like Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Ghandi, Buddha, and various others who in controlling themselves and their own behaviors control their own lives and destinies. People, like judge Zellit, sheriff Joe, and others in power who get off on sadist behavior and abusing people are in reality incredibly weak and fragile human beings.
      What then makes the likes emotionally hsyterical and terrified muppets like sheriff Joe, judge Zellit, and his ilk such collasal failures in life? Their ego, specifically an ego operationg not from a position of strength and awareness but rather an ego operating on the first two circuits of teh brain. Sadly, its not just people in power operating on the oral-biological, and the anal-territorial circuits. Its most people.
      Which brings me to my next point. In this economy when people are losing their jobs, becoming more and more anxuious about survival how do you think they will respond? Chances are they won't respond, instead they'll react...rather badly. When the average person can't soothe themselves with their addictions either due to lack of money are addictive substance scarcity most will react rather badly.
      Its a given rule in any disaster, you have 72 hours before the society completely breaks down and the animalistic rules of might make right come into play. You think the average guy on teh street is an assclown? Just wait till his ego believes it has nothing to lose, you'll see horrific actions brought about by incredible weakness.
      The economy failing is a slow motion disaster. Unemployment, homelessness, anxiety, fear are at an all time high for the sheeple. Personally I know when to step out of the way when a herd of animals are stampeding towards the edge of a cliff.
      Solutions? How about Soul-ution. Realize you are NOT your things or your environment. Open your mind to adaptation. Take control of your mind and body, become your own master instead of allowing yourself to be mastered by everything around you. That is the secret to being trully tough.