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How to deal when Ernie or Powell aren't around. Continuity of publication.

Ernie or Powell go on vacation or to some fancy-pants symposium and the publication rate slows to a crawl.
Yeah, I guess if you don't listen to Ernie's show on RBN you might not know he's on vacation.
For us reader/publishers like myself, for those of us for whom FreedomsPhoenix.com has become our home-page, our default page, the page we try to check up on during breaks or when the kids go to bed, that near-24-hour news cycle here is kind of addictive.
As of the more dispensable writers here (I try to stay away from hard news) I'd encourage the rest of you R3VOlUTIONARY mice to play while the cat's away.
And if your article isn't accepted by editors, I'll jump straight in my pickemup truck, burn down to Phoenix and kick Lacey's ass. And I'll put it up on YouTube to prove it.