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Numbers USA and their Cap and Trade Global Warming NWO Connections and more

By: James J. Stachowiak ( host of Freedom Fighter Radio.net) Many Americans have recently become outraged at the Cap and Trade bill. Global warming has been proven to be a lie. But what no one has talked about yet is how organizations that are heavily supported by the patriot community are supporting the agendas just listed and more. Are you opposed to the Cap and Trade? Are you pro-life? Do you support the Second Amendment? Do you oppose those that are promoting a global warming lie? Do you oppose the real ID act? (which was birthed by the DHS) Do you oppose the NWO plan of Depopulation? Then you must oppose numbers USA, and all organizations that support and back Numbers USA. Why? Because Numbers USA has on their board of advisors individuals that support all of the above. In an attempt to hide it from the public Numbers USA has recently removed the information of the board of advisors from their website. It's not enough for numbers USA just to oppose illegal immigration which I also oppose personally.But when Numbers USA is working directly with and have on their board of advisors individuals that are promoting agendas that are contrary to our freedom promising security at the expense of our liberty it is time to put the brakes on. Some of the organizations represented on the board of advisors are the Sierra Club the most radical environmental extremist group which was founded with a belief of depopulation,also the founder of Earth Day (Lenin's birthday) and not to mention numbers USA's connection to John Tanton who supports abortion (he founded Planned Parenthood in Michigan) Google John Tanton and see for yourself from his own credentials. I encourage anyone reading this to search the Internet and see what the agenda of the Sierra Club is and what Earth Day is all about. The bottom line is this America if you oppose CAP and Trade then you must withdraw your support from Numbers USA. For all those that want to continue to support Numbers USA you cannot say that you oppose the agendas of radical environmentalists. Nor can you say you support liberty for those that want to embrace the promise of security at the expense of our liberty all I can say is this you don't deserve any security you damn sure don't deserve any liberty. Not my words but the words of Benjamin Franklin. I ultimately challenge Roy Beck of Numbers USA to publicly dispute this any time anywhere. I also want to challenge Frosty Wooldridge for his support the global warming lie and the REAL ID ACT. Check out on the net all that I stated and you will see that I have not erred in one statement Frosty Wooldridge is a strong supporter of the global warming agenda. Here is just one quote by him "You may argue, rant and become indignant about whether or not global warming manifests across the globe, but it won't do you any good if what the scientists tell us, is, in fact, true."
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Comment by John Silvis
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This is blatant McCarthyism at it's best. You are just abusing our freedom of speech and I doubt if you are capable of having a rational discussion.

All kinds of organizations have  members with  diverse views about issues unrelated to the mission of the organization.

Your idea that because a member of the board of directors supports cap and trade some make Numbersusa guilty by association is the height of irrational thinking. If a member of you board supported the particular religious organization does that make your organizatin a branch of that religion. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED at you inability to think rationally. This little more than luny turn slander and is absolute proof how our education system has failed to produce people who can think clearly. Numbersusa has nothing to do with cap and trade...period. What has this country come to when somebody can actually promote this as rational thinking. I caution everybody away from this website. Jim , you are truly what is wrong with this country. Study reason and learn how think before you put out is mental ranting and garbage reasoning trying to destroying others peoples freedom with speech with slander.  SHAME

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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I knew Frosty was out to lunch on GW but I did not know he was for Real ID. I don't read him much any more because of his GW foolishness. He may also be for eugnics as he is really worried that there are so many people on the planet.  

Numbers USA was a shocker. Bummer.