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Celebrities Can Make Understandable Mistakes With Guns, But You Will Go To Prison

When Dennis Farina, the ex-cop from Chicago turned actor, carried around a  little .22 "Throw-away" (as they call them in the police biz) pistol during his stay in Arizona, he wasn't very concerned. Even though Arizona is more enlightened than most states regarding having a pistol for self-defense, he doesn't have an Arizona Concealed Carry Permit (as far as anyone is aware).
But he was so comfortable with his little emergency protector (and why shouldn't he be?), that when he drove from AZ to L.A., he just plain forgot he had it.
Then he tried to board a plane at LAX,...with the loaded pistol in his carry-on bag.
Where he any average shmuck, there is little doubt Mr. Farina would have been grabbed by the TSA as a shining example of them doing their job, and prosecuted to the max in federal court for the CRIME of bringing a teeny weeny popper into a federally protected secure area. Even his status as an ex-cop would likely not have saved him.
Ah,...but Mr. Farina is FAMOUS,...and that's a whole different matter.
Don't get me wrong. I'm glad Dennis didn't get his life all blasted to hell over a simple thing like this. It shoulsn't happen to anybody. And I like the guy. I've enjoyed his work for years. But you damned well, if it had been you or I in that situation,...goodbye world, hello federal prison!
It has been said that the best way to get bad laws repealed is to vigorously enforce them. And the enemies of freedom know that all too well. Which is why Dennis Farina will still have a Hollywood career this Christmas.
And you won't.