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Toss Them All: A Case for Anti-Incumbency and Third Party Represenation

Since 9/11, our Constitution has been under severe attack as virtually each of the 10 amendments, except the third amendment regarding the quartering troops, has been gutted. In addition to a Congress that is overseeing the abrogation of the Constitution, bribes, kickbacks, money-laundering and sex scandals make this American Congress is the most inept and corrupt in American history. Presently, we are engaged in an immoral and illegal war in Iraq and as I write these words, the plans have been made to invade Iran and I believe we will soon witness the reinstitution of the military draft in support of these foreign wars of conquest on behalf of special interests. When and where will it all end?

Every major poll reveals that the vast majority of Americans do not approve of the direction that our country has embarked on. Yet, the politicians are too busy serving the special interests to listen to the will of the people.

Corruption, scandal and a non-responsive government is the stuff that political and even violent revolutions are made of. Despite the fact that the failures of our scandal-ridden and broken government are painfully obvious to everyone with an IQ above room temperature, America keeps electing the same duplicitous politicians. This is both maddening and baffling to anyone who cares for America and her ideals!

For a period of a few months, every two, four and six years, our elected leaders tell us how much they love and care for us as they quietly vote on behalf of legislation which is turning our once-free country into a burgeoning police state (i.e., Military Detainee Act). Congress is forsaking the very Constitution that these same politicians swear to uphold. Meanwhile, most of the present politicians' time in office is spent securing political favors for their special interest backers often at the expense of the very people who vote them into office.

Under this government, we have lost habeas corpus, personal privacy and are witnessing the giveaway of our political servants' loyalty to the highest bidder and the highest bidder does not include American taxpaying citizens.

Both sides of the political aisle are beholding to special interests such as oil and the pharmaceuticals. A revitalized American vision must include an "America First" attitude. We need a President and a Congress who wants to serve the American people, not to continue to be a group of leaders which permits the give-away of the American economy to selfish corporate desires which have an insatiable thirst for cheap labor and low manufacturing costs. We must elect individuals who will ardently seek to restore the massive potions of our Constitution that have been destroyed under the present Congress and President. After all, our Constitution is the only defense that you and I have against governmental abuses.

If we are to save the American Republic, we desperately need to unelect every Congressman, save Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul. The Founding Fathers did not intend, or envision, for career politicians like JD Hayworth, Jon Kyl, Trent Franks, Jan Brewer, Terry Goddard, or Rick Renzi to make a permanent career of politics. George Washington could have served three or four presidential terms if he would have wanted to be a career politician. But unlike many of our present public servants, Washington practiced restraint. On November 7th, we desperately need to impose the missing restraint on our previously elected officials and send the message to Congress which says that "You are elected to serve, not to go to Washington to cash in."

On November 7th, I am calling on all freedom-loving Americans to stop being part of the problem and participate in the solution through the removal of the incumbents. The special interests cannot protect the incumbents from the power of your vote next Tuesday. The first step in restoring our Republic is to clean house on the most corrupt Congress in our history.

The special interest corporations have their own privatized political party; it is called the Washington Party. The special interests own both wings of the Washington Party (i.e., Democrat and Republican). The Washington Party has its own direction and agenda and it does not include what is good and fair for American citizens. If Americans do not break their allegiances to the present partisan system of politics that has headed this country into the precipice of disaster, we will surely witness the fall of our country. Therefore, it is time for the rest of us common folk to find, or create, a series of third parties which will offset the corrupt influence of the Washington Party. Therefore, I would urge all citizens who care about saving the Republic for the sake of our children's heritage, to find a viable third party and be willing to donate two to three hours per week to help your new party grow.

Right now, we have a chance to act. Very soon, our children may be denied this opportunity that is presented to us in this very critical place and time.

I am Dave Hodges and I approve this message.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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One of the more interesting comments I have read lately, was rebuttal to the wasted vote claim for voting third party.

I don't know about the rest of the nation, but in Arizona, the districts for both Congress and the legislature are carved up so that there is about a 60:40 voter registration advantage for one or the other major party for virtually ALL districts. The votes cast in prior elections demonstrate the winning candidates can expect to defeat the "competing" major party candiate by a 60:40 margin (= a ass kicking).

Therefore, a vote for the obvious and perenial losing candidate is just as much a wasted vote as voting for a third party, except a vote for the third party says neither major party gets the vote.

So if you choose to vote, vote for whomever you want, because it really doesn't matter. The elections are rigged long before you ever step into the voting booth (assuming your vote is even counted), with the outcome mathematically known well in advance.

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