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Ricardo Valenzuela

The dramatic outcome of the July 2, Mexican elections and its’ political consequences have exceeded all my expectations and predictions. Unfortunately, this outcome could become a drama that would eventually mimic the style of Kim Jong Il of North Korea. A tyrant and an expert in black mailing the world through violence, Kim Jong Il has been a real inspiration for Lopez Obrador’s (AMLO) and his supporters now keeping the country sequester."

My attitude this time around was different than six years ago when, with great confidence, I predicted the victory of Vicente Fox. But this election was different. And even though I passionately supported Felipe Calderon, I felt Felipe could possibly be defeated by this new wave of Hugo Chavez’ disciples. With that dreadful possibility, I resigned to the possibility that a group of barbarians would take the election. A pack of hungry wolfs lead by AMLO and, I point out, I am not talking about the PRD, but about this pack of crazy talibans swinging machetes all over the country.

A few weeks ago, I affirmed that the lessons coming out of this event would be so revealing that we should not just file them in the cabinet of history. Today, I ask myself what is it that resulted in Felipe’s victory or the AMLO defeat, but more importantly, now what? The first bad ingredient of this recipe has a name and is Roberto Madrazo because, automatically, he took the PRI out of the game to set up the duel that we have witnessed, and now is going through a second and danger stage.

An optimistic vision of this outcome could be that Calderon defeated AMLO in a democratic election. The pessimist one, at this moment a real threat, would be that many Mexicans decided suffrage for the left offer and the statism that represent the visions of PRD, and a special PRI this time under control of Madrazo. In other words, the executioners of our country and the group of saboteurs blocking the urgent reforms that Mexico needs, were rewarded and for that reason, even on defeat, they feel have the right to black mail the whole country.

Alvaro Vargas Llosa, in an extraordinary piece published in the WSJ a few days ago, affirmed that the Indian mythology and the utopist socialism born in the occidental world—promoter of revolutionaries fighting those evil reactionaries and local values against foreign perversions—result in the creation of Messiahs like AMLO. At the beginning of the past century, the folkloric Mexican tales started to show up again after centuries of silence. In this new scenario, AMLO became the reincarnation of a modern Montezuma, King of the Aztecs, coming back looking for revenge, the rescuer of the race, but more importantly, the death of Hernan Cortez, conquer of Mexico.

But he also represented a refutation of the idea that, to achieve economic development, the state should transfer the unsuspected power to civil society, and embrace an interchange with the whole world. He then offered a presidency favoring popular legitimist over institutions; the scary concept of mobcracy invented by Jefferson. He promised a gigantic government acting as the engineer for social justice setting up strong limits to foreign capital. In other words, he wanted a government for the poor people, but with the strategy of getting rid of the wealthy ones to level the field.

One of many mistakes committed by AMLO, was to use a message describing the apocalyptic situation of Mexico and then blamed Fox for all those, some imaginary, catastrophes. It seems that he had forgotten the Mexican history of the last 30 years in which, just in a glimpse, shows us the real actors in the destruction of the country beginning with Echeverria, Lopez Portillo, de la Madrid, Salinas, Zedillo and mathematics never lie. In other words, for him the economic history of Mexico is only 6 years old.

The second stage of his war plan, was to keep yelling; “But don’t worry, I am going to fix everything and to do so, I recruited all the participants in that massacre.” Then he presented his new team of fixers showing a long list of the cream of the crop out of the radioactive PRI including names like: Munoz Ledo, Camcho Solis, Ebrad, Tello, Alfonso Durazo and the rest of that ugly constellation that acted as the leaders of the country, for those sad and painful 30 years when they bankrupt Mexico.

The PRD, a party born out of the idealism of Cuauhtémoc Cardenas, expired to give birth to our own Al Qaeda to supply this “Messiahs’’ demand for power no matter what. A Messiahs with a special habit, only obeys the law when he decides it is fair and of course, if it is going to help him. AMLO took away the party from Cardenas and converted it into the city dump for the PRI to ensemble the cream of the crop of the old system, along with the couple responsible for the election’s fraud of 1988 which denied victory to Cardenas. Barttlet and Camacho Solis now the poster boys for the defense of clean elections, affirming this one was stolen from AMLO and, for sure, they are the experts in that field.

Felipe Calderon won the election and we all Mexicans should be happy and in a period of refection about our future. But instead, we are in the middle of uncertainty knowing the intention of AMLO: To impose his will or to take the country to a precipice betting—like he has always done successfully—to violence as his strategy to black mail the whole country. The intelligence agencies of the world compare his psychologically profile to Kim Jong Il, so you can make your own analysis and possible outcomes.

The attitude of AMLO has profound repercussions and his party is not going to be immune. For ALMO wait 6 more years? Never, then his competition would be Lazaro Cardenas, son of the legendary Cuauhtémoc and present governor of Michoacán, so the real members of the PRD are getting restless. However, we all know the blind arrogance of AMLO and the perversity of the people around him. It is why the horizon for Mexico every day that passes gets darker in a country already boiling and divide.

A few years ago, I had the chance to watch the movie: Scent of a Woman. That was a profound experience. Especially when, at the end, Pacino playing the Colonel, showed up at the private school to argue the defense of Charlie, against the unfair aggressions of the Director who was ready to expel him, and he proceeded:

"I have lived a lot and I have walked many paths. And every time when I arrived to those intersections, I always knew which one was the right one. But I never took it, why? !Because it was too tough and I like the easy ways!. But here this boy decided to take the painful one, the tough one, the difficult one. And. What do you plan to do? Punish him because of his honesty and his integrity. What Charlie is showing us right now, is the material with which real leaders are built. At war, I have seen boys with their limps amputated. But there is a worst amputation; the amputation of the soul of a young kid, there is no prosthetic for that

“Do you think punishing honesty, integrity and rewarding dishonesty, lies and treason are molding the leaders for the future? God protect us from them but more importantly. God protect us from corruptors of conducts and character like you. God protect us from people like you building dishonest leaders with no integrity, no country no morals, whom some day will destroy this country. Is this your material for the edifice of the future?”

Is about time we Mexicans show the real material of our edifice because, we already know the material of Kim Jong Lopez and this, for sure, is the last call for our country under an edifice about to fall down if the good people from Mexico do nothing to combat evil.